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Scene 1: The Carrot Days Talent Show

[In a jungle, a little, feral bunny is creeping up to a water hole. During the following line, a tiger is stalking the rabbit.]

Young Judy Hopps: [initially hushed, her voice gradually increasing in volume] Fear, treachery, blood lust. Thousands of years ago, these were the forces that ruled our world. A world where prey were scared of predators. And predators had an uncontrollable, biological urge to maim and maul, and-

[The rabbit drinks from the water hole, notices, and turns around just when the tiger pounces towards it. Cut to reality. It is revealed that the "jungle" is really a stage in an auditorium, and as for the hunting, Jaguar, in a tiger costume, is pretending to pounce on a young Judy Hopps, who is wearing gray and white clothes that match her fur.]

Young Judy Hopps: Ahh! [she draws out long, red ribbons from her costume] Blood, blood, blood! [Judy falls on her back, making choking noises. She reaches for a hidden ketchup bottle and, while still laying on her back, places it upright under her arm and squeezes its contents all over her body while pretending to convulse.] And... death!

[Judy squeezes the bottle one last time, much to the horror and disgust of the audience and her parents, Bonnie and Stu Hopps, the latter of whom is recording the play with a camcorder with his mouth agape, and the former, who is facepalming. Bobby Catmull bangs dramatically on a timpani drum. Judy stands up.]

Young Judy Hopps: Back then, the world was divided in two - vicious predators [Jaguar hisses] and meek prey. [Judy gives an innocent look as her ears droop. Boxes, labeled "Viscous [sic] Predator" and "Meek Prey" lower down and cover them. The "sc" in "Viscous" is crossed out and replaced with "ci," proving it was corrected to being spelled "vicious." Bobby plays bass notes on the hammered dulcimer heavily, then plays a light harp glissando, when Sharla the sheep in white robe-like clothing tosses confetti from a basket over the bags and prances around.] But over time, we evolved and looked beyond our primitive savage ways. [The boxes pull up and Judy and Jaguar are in white robes as well. Sharla pops a noisemaker and Judy and Jaguar hold paws] Now, predator and prey live in harmony and every young mammal has multitudinous opportunities.

Sharla: Yeah, I don't have to cower in a herd anymore. [takes off white clothing, revealing an astronaut outfit and puts on a helmet] Instead, I can be an astronaut! [The crowd applauds as Bobby plays a slide whistle indicating alien music.]

Jaguar: [slightly monotone from nervousness] I don't have to be a lonely hunter anymore. [takes off robe-clothing, revealing a nice suit and tie, and takes out a pen, his voice becomes more confident.] Today, I can hunt for tax exemptions; I'm gonna be an actuary! [The crowd applauds again as Bobby plays the piano.]

Young Judy Hopps: And I can make the world a better place, I am going to be... [Bobby turns on a radio and moves his head side to side with the beat of the police music that is heard, and Judy tears off the clothing revealing a police officer's uniform] ...a police officer!

[Bonnie and Stu look shocked and glance at each other in worry. Some of the smaller rabbits are clapping.]

Young Gideon Grey: [laughs and slaps his knee, nudging Travis, who is eating peanuts] Bunny cop! That is the most stupidest thing I ever heard.

Young Judy Hopps: [puts on a police officer's hat] It may seem impossible to small minds - I'm looking at you, Gideon Grey - [Gideon glares at her; the jungle backdrop curtain on the stage rises, revealing a colorful painted mural of Zootopia behind it. Sharla and Jaguar hold up a banner reading "where anyone can be anything"; Bobby plays the piano in the background.] ...but, just two-hundred and eleven miles away stands the great city of Zootopia, where our ancestors first joined together in peace and declared that anyone can be anything! [Judy bows. Bobby plays the final notes on a keyboard and turns to the audience with a grin. The audience applauds. Stu closes the camcorder and he and Bonnie look at each other in concern] Thank you and good night!

Scene 2: Judy Confronts Gideon

[The scene changes to outside in Bunnyburrow at the Carrot Days Festival. Judy is seen skipping beside her parents as they walk out of the auditorium, holding hands.]

Stu Hopps: Judy, you ever wonder how your mom and me got to be so darn happy?

Young Judy Hopps: [enthusiastic] Nope!

Stu Hopps: Well, we gave up on our dreams and we settled, right, Bon?

Bonnie Hopps: Oh, yes, that's right, Stu. We settled hard.

Stu Hopps: See? That's the beauty of complacency, Jude. If you don't try anything new, you'll never fail!

Young Judy Hopps: I like trying, actually. [jumps on a line of hay and skips]

Bonnie Hopps: What your father means, hun, is that it's gonna be difficult, impossible even, for you to become a police officer.

Stu Hopps: Right! There's never been a bunny cop.

Bonnie Hopps: No.

Stu Hopps: Bunnies don't do that.

Bonnie Hopps: Never!

Stu Hopps: Never.

Young Judy Hopps: [disappointed] Oh... [enthusiasm picks up again] Then I guess I'll have to be the first one! Because I [runs to a stand, flips off of it, and lands, striking a pose] am gonna make the world a better place!

Stu Hopps: [laughs nervously] Or, uh, heck, you know, if you wanna talk about making the world a better place, no better way to do it than becoming a carrot farmer.

Bonnie Hopps: Yes! Your dad, me, your two-hundred seventy-five brothers and sisters, we're changing the world!

Stu Hopps: Yeah.

Bonnie Hopps: One carrot at a time!

Stu Hopps: Amen to that. Carrot farming is a noble profession. [as Bonnie and Stu are talking, Judy sees Sharla, Gareth, and a rabbit girl with tickets walking off; Gideon and Travis are close by and they follow them.]

Bonnie Hopps: Mm-hm. Just putting the seeds on the ground.

Stu Hopps: Ahh. And one with the soil, just getting covered in dirt. [Judy follows her friends and foes.]

Bonnie Hopps: You get it, honey. Yeah, but it's great to have dreams.

Stu Hopps: Yeah, just as long as you don't believe in them too much. [They both turn to look at her, but then realize that Judy is no longer present. Stu briefly looks around] Where'd the heck she go?

[Judy peeks from behind a tree and sees Gideon and Travis cornering the children. The rabbit girl hides behind Gareth]

Young Gideon Grey: Gimme your tickets right now, or I'm gonna kick your meek little sheep butt! [hits Sharla's head]

Sharla: Ow! Cut it out, Gideon!

Young Gideon Grey: Baaa, baaa! [takes the tickets] What are you gonna do, cry?

Young Judy Hopps: [steps forward] Hey! You heard her, cut it out. [Travis runs behind Judy]

Young Gideon Grey: [sarcastically] Nice costume, loser! What crazy world are you livin' in where you think a bunny could be a cop?

Young Judy Hopps: [unfazed, she puts her hand out] Kindly return my friend's tickets.

Young Gideon Grey: [taps his overalls pocket] Come and get 'em! But watch out, 'cause I'm a fox, and like you said in your dumb little stage play, us predators used to eat prey! And our killer instinct's still in our duh-nuh.

Travis: Uh, I'm pretty much sure it's pronounced D-N-A.

Young Gideon Grey: [irritated, he swats at Travis] Don't tell me what I know, Travis! [Travis recoils]

Young Judy Hopps: You don't scare me, Gideon! [Gideon pushes Judy hard to the ground, knocking her hat off; the children gasp and scream in shock before running behind a tree]

Young Gideon Grey: Scared now? [Judy's face shows fear as her eyes water and her nose twitches]

Travis: [laughing] Look at her nose twitch! She is scared!

Young Gideon Grey: Cry, little baby bunny, cry! Cr- [Then, Judy kicks Gideon hard in the face, causing the others to gasp, flabbergasted. Gideon feels his lip.] Aww, you don't know when to quit, do you? [Gideon unsheathes his claws. Judy gasps in fear, and Gideon growls, then slashes Judy across the cheek. She shrieks in agony, and her friends cringe; the rabbit girl and Sharla cover their eyes and Gareth bites his lip. Judy's cheek shows three claw marks on it. Judy feels her cheek and gasps, her face full of fear. Gideon grabs Judy's head, holding it into the ground as she whimpers] I want you to remember this moment the next time you think you will ever be anything more than just a stupid, carrot-farming dumb bunny! [he gives her head one final push for good measure]

[Gideon and Travis leave high-fiving each other and laughing. The children rush to Judy.]

Gareth: That looks bad!

Sharla: Are you okay, Judy?

Young Judy Hopps: Yeah, yeah. I'm okay. [holds up tickets] Here you go.

Sharla: [takes the tickets back, impressed] Wow! You got our tickets!

Gareth: You're awesome, Judy.

Sharla: Yeah! That Gideon Grey doesn't know what he's talkin' 'bout!

Young Judy Hopps: Well, he was right about one thing: [Judy picks up her officer hat off the ground and puts it back on, as determination spreads rapidly across her face.] I don't know when to quit!

Scene 3: The Zootopia Police Academy

[Scene changes to the Zootopia Police Academy where Judy, grown up, is with other much larger animals. The caption shows 15 Years Later...]

Major Friedkin: Listen up, cadets! Zootopia has twelve unique ecosystems within its city limits. Tundratown! Sahara Square! Rainforest District - to name a few! You're gonna have to master all of them before you hit the streets or guess what? [looks at Judy] You'll be dead! [Judy shows a surprised look.]

Major Friedkin: Scorching sandstorm! [the cadets make their way across through the Sahara Square section; Judy struggles, and the sand covers her completely; her tail sticks out.] You're dead, bunny bumpkin.

[The cadets cross through monkey bars in the Rainforest District section.]

Major Friedkin: One-thousand-foot fall!

Judy Hopps: Whoa! [Judy loses her grip and falls face flat in the mud.]

Major Friedkin: You're dead, carrot face!

Major Friedkin: Frigid ice-wall! [Judy tries to climb the iceberg wall, but slides off and falls in the icy water. She emerges, freezing.] You're dead, farm girl!

Major Friedkin: Enormous criminal! [Judy fights a rhino, but gets knocked back.] You're dead! [Scenes show Judy covered in tar in a tire, her ears caught in a police cruiser door, and falling off the vines.] Dead, dead, dead!

[Judy sighs in exhaustion, goes up to a large toilet stall, hops up on the toilet seat, slips, and falls in, making water spill.]

Judy Hopps: Whoa!

Major Friedkin: [from the stall right next to Judy's] Filthy toilet! You're dead, fluff-butt! [Scene changes to Judy outside at dusk.] Just quit and go home, fuzzy bunny.

Stu Hopps: [faded] There's never been a bunny cop.

Bonnie Hopps: [faded] Never!

Stu Hopps: [faded] Never.

Young Gideon Grey: [faded] ...just a stupid, carrot-farming dumb bunny!

[Eventually, however, Judy returns and does personal training by doing pull-ups on her bunk bed with an open book in front of her. She then has returned to the Academy and hopped over two of her fellow cadets to hop over the iceberg, much to the impression of the Major. Then in the ring, she dodges the rhino's punches, pulls back against the ropes and kicks the rhino's hand, making him punch himself, knocking his mouth guard and falls down.]

Scene 4: Judy's Graduation Ceremony

[The scene changes to a ceremony where Mayor Lionheart stands at a podium with Assistant Mayor Bellwether next to him.]

Leodore Lionheart: As mayor of Zootopia, I am proud to announce that my mammal inclusion initiative has produced its first police academy graduate. Valedictorian of her class, ZPD's very first rabbit officer, Judy Hopps! [Judy in full police uniform, walks up with confidence as her family cheers for her.]

Stu Hopps: [cries] Oh, gosh!

Leodore Lionheart: Ahem, Assistant Mayor Bellwether, her badge.

Dawn Bellwether: [frantically looks for the badge] Oh, yes, right!

Leodore Lionheart: Thank you.

Hopps sibling: Yay, Judy! [Bellwether places the badge on Judy's uniform.]

Leodore Lionheart: Judy, it is my great privilege to officially assign you to the heart of Zootopia, precinct one, city center. [Judy lets out a squeal of excitement. Judy's brothers and sisters cheer, Bonnie and Stu look at each other in concern, clapping slowly.]

Dawn Bellwether: Congratulations, Officer Hopps.

Judy Hopps: I won't let you down. [quietly] This has been my dream since I was a kid.

Dawn Bellwether: [aside] You know, it's a - it's a real proud day for us little guys.

Leodore Lionheart: Bellwether, make room, will ya? Come on. [pushes Bellwether out of the way by her face and poses next to Judy.] Okay, Officer Hopps. Let's see those teeth!

[Photographers take pictures of Judy and Mayor Lionheart as Bellwether tries to move in.]

Scene 5: Judy Travels to Zootopia

[The scene changes to the Bunnyburrow Train Station where Judy's family say farewell to Judy.]

Bonnie Hopps: We're real proud of you, Judy.

Stu Hopps: Yup, and scared too.

Bonnie Hopps: Yes.

Stu Hopps: Really, it's a - it's kind of a proud-scared combo. I mean, Zootopia, so far away, such a big city.

Judy Hopps: Guys, I've been working for this my whole life.

Bonnie Hopps: We know, and we're just a little excited for you, but terrified.

Judy Hopps: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Stu Hopps: And also bears. We have bears to fear too, say nothing of lions and wolves-

Bonnie Hopps: Wolves?

Stu Hopps: Weasels!

Bonnie Hopps: You play cribbage with a weasel.

Stu Hopps: Yeah, and he cheats like there's no tomorrow. [Judy sighs.] You know what? Pretty much all predators, and Zootopia's full of 'em.

Bonnie Hopps: Oh, Stu.

Stu Hopps: And foxes are the worst!

Bonnie Hopps: Actually, your father does have a point there. It's in their biology. Remember what happened with Gideon Grey?

Judy Hopps: When I was nine. Gideon Grey was a jerk who happened to be a fox. I know plenty of bunnies who are jerks.

Stu Hopps: Sure, yeah, we all do, absolutely. But just in case, [holds up a bag] we made a little care package to take with you.

Bonnie Hopps: Mm-mm. I put some snacks in there.

Stu Hopps: [takes out a spray bottle] This is fox deterrent.

Bonnie Hopps: Yeah, that's safe to have.

Stu Hopps: [takes out a repellent] This is fox repellent.

Bonnie Hopps: Okay, the deterrent and the repellent, that's all she needs.

Stu Hopps: [takes out a fox taser] Check this out! [Stu turns the fox taser on. The fox taser releases a powerful blast, nearly zapping Judy, who cringes.]

Bonnie Hopps: Oh, for goodness sake! [pulls the fox taser away] She has no need for a fox taser, Stu!

Stu Hopps: Oh, come on, when is there not a need for a fox taser?

Judy Hopps: Okay, look! I will take this [Takes fox repellent] to make you stop talking.

Stu Hopps: [happily] Terrific! Everyone wins! [the train arrives]

Announcer: Arriving, Zootopia Express.

Judy Hopps: Okay, gotta go. Bye! [Judy enters the train, other siblings are heard saying, "Bye, Judy!" Judy pauses for a second, then runs back and hugs her parents] I love you guys! [She kisses Bonnie's cheek, and then Stu's.]

Bonnie Hopps: Love you, too. [Judy releases them and runs back to the train]

Stu Hopps: [sniffing and tearing up, he briefly clenches his fists] Oh, cripes. Here come the waterworks. [He blubbers and clings to Bonnie, who pats his shoulder.] Oh, geez...

Bonnie Hopps: Oh, Stu, pull it together.

Judy Hopps: Bye, everybody!

Stu Hopps: Bye. Bye, Judy!

Cotton: Bye, Judy, I love you! Bye! Bye!

[the train pulls away]

Judy Hopps: Bye!

[The continually increasing population, as shown by the Bunnyburrow sign, decreases by one as the train leaves. On the train, Judy searches her iPaw, selects Gazelle, and then, "Try Everything" from the list. Thus... Try Everything by Gazelle plays in the background as the train passes various areas; Judy sees camels galloping in Sahara Square; as the train enters Tundratown, Judy wipes off the mist and looks at the sights. Next, the train heads past Rainforest District and she marvels at the sight of the raindrops. Finally, the train arrives to Zootopia, an excited Judy gets off the train, rides an escalator, sees a hippo coming out from an underwater part of the train and is dried off via floor vents, and even passes hamster tunnels where lemmings are sliding off. Judy continues walking and looks around in awe. As the song ends, a video of Gazelle is played on a billboard.]

Gazelle: [On a video billboard] I'm Gazelle. Welcome to Zootopia.

Scene 6: The Grand Pangolin Arms

[The scene changes to the inside of an apartment, the door swings open, Judy is being shown to her room by an elderly armadillo named Dharma Armadillo.]

Dharma Armadillo: And welcome to the Grand Pangolin Arms, luxury apartments with charm. Complementary de-lousing once a month... Don't lose your key. [gives her the key and leaves]

Judy Hopps: Thank you. [sees Bucky and Pronk Oryx-Antlerson walking past her] Oh, hi! I'm Judy, your new neighbor.

Bucky Oryx-Antlerson: [grumpily] Yeah? Well, we're loud.

Pronk Oryx-Antlerson: [grumpily] Don't expect us to apologize for it.

[Their door slams; Judy looks around the room]

Judy Hopps: Greasy walls... [puts her suitcase on the floor and presses down on the bed] Rickety bed... [Bucky and Pronk are heard next door saying "Shut up!" to each other, two pictures on Judy's wall move up and down as the two yell at each other] Crazy neighbors... [flops on the bed with a huge smile] I love it!!

[The alarm goes off at 5:30; Judy turns it off, gets in her uniform, polishes her badge, unlocks her door and grabs her key. She looks at the fox repellent.]

Judy Hopps: Eh... [Judy leaves the room. A few seconds later, she goes back in and grabs the repellent.]

Scene 7: The Bullpen

[The scene shows Zootopia Police Department. Inside, Officer Fangmeyer, a tiger, takes in a wolf with a muzzle.]

Muzzled wolf: Come on! He bared his teeth first!

[Officer Benjamin Clawhauser, an obese cheetah, is seen behind the radio dispatcher's desk, eating a bowl of Lucky Chomps Cereal.]

Benjamin Clawhauser: Mm-mm-mmm! [Judy walks up to the desk.]

Judy Hopps: Excuse me!

Benjamin Clawhauser: [looking around in surprise] Hm?

Judy Hopps: Down here! [Clawhauser looks out from his desk and sees Judy] Hi!

Benjamin Clawhauser: O.M. Goodness. [puts down his bowl of cereal, clearly surprised and excited] They really did hire a bunny. [Laughs] What?! Heh, I gotta tell you, you are even cuter than I thought you'd be!

Judy Hopps: Ooh, uh, you probably didn't know, but a bunny can call another bunny cute, but when other animals do it, it's a little...

Benjamin Clawhauser: [Gasps] I am so sorry! [pointing to himself] Me, Benjamin Clawhauser, the guy everyone thinks is just a flabby, donut-loving cop stereotyping you. Aw...

Judy Hopps: [giggles] That's okay. [notices a donut stuck under Clawhauser's neck fold] Oh, you've actually - you've actually got... There's a...

Benjamin Clawhauser: Um... A what?

Judy Hopps: In your neck, the fold... The - the, there's...

Benjamin Clawhauser: Where? [Pulls the donut out of his neck fat] Oh, there you went, you little dickens! [eats the donut whole.] Nom!

Judy Hopps: [laughs nervously] I should get to roll call, so which way do I-

Benjamin Clawhauser: [points] Oh, bull pen's over there to the left.

Judy Hopps: Great. Thank you! [Judy walks off to the bull pen as the other officers watch her in amusement.]

Benjamin Clawhauser: Aww! That poor little bunny's gonna get eaten alive.

[Judy enters the room and sees a bunch of officers, most of the predator kind, conversing. She sees a lion and a polar bear arm wrestling. The polar bear pins the lion's arm down with a huge thud, surprising Judy and causing laughter from the other officers. She walks to a chair and struggles to get on, which she manages to do. She looks at Officer McHorn, a rhino.]

Judy Hopps: [cheerfully] Hey! Officer Hopps. You ready to make the world a better place?

[Judy holds out her clenched paw for a fist bump. Officer McHorn snorts, rolls his eyes, and uses his fist to push Judy's fist, which pushes her and her chair a few feet away. She laughs half-heartedly.]

Officer Higgins: Atten-hut!

[As Chief Bogo, the cape buffalo chief of police enters, the other, larger officers bang their fists on the desks.]

Chief Bogo: Alright. Alright! Everybody sit. [Judy sits, but when she sits, only the tips of her ears are shown, so later she stands.] I've got three items on the docket. First... we need to acknowledge the elephant in the room. [turns to an elephant officer] Francine [they look at Francine in mild suspense] - happy birthday.

[The suspense turns into excitement; officers around Francine get involved in a tussle]

Officer Francine: Heh, oh yeah? [gives a tiger officer a noogie]

Judy Hopps: [applauds and is later surprised] Oh, oh...

Chief Bogo: Number two; there are some new recruits with us I should introduce, but I'm not going to, because I don't care.

[The officers snigger; Judy grins.]

Chief Bogo: Finally; we have fourteen missing mammal cases - all predators - from a giant polar bear to a teensy little otter, and City Hall is right up my tail to find them! This is priority number one. [Higgins gives Chief Bogo the files; Bogo takes out glasses and starts handing them out to the assigned officers] Assignments: Officers Grizzoli, Fangmeyer, Delgato; your teams take missing mammals from the Rainforest District. [Delgato takes the file from Grizzoli as the team leaves] Officers McHorn, Rhinowitz, Wolfard; your teams take Sahara Square. [McHorn takes the file and his team leaves] Officers Higgins, Snarlov, Trunkaby: Tundratown. [Trunkaby takes the file and the team leaves] And finally our first bunny: Officer Hopps... [Judy anxiously awaits for her assignment; Chief Bogo sighs, giving a blank stare] parking duty. Dismissed. [Judy shows signs of confusion.]

Judy Hopps: Parking duty? [gets Chief Bogo's attention, who was leaving the room] Chief? Chief Bogo? [Chief Bogo puts on his glasses and looks down at Judy] Sir, you said there were fourteen missing mammal cases.

Chief Bogo: So?

Judy Hopps: So I can handle one. You probably forgot, but I was top of my class at the academy.

Chief Bogo: Didn't forget. Just don't care.

Judy Hopps: Sir, I'm not just some token bunny.

Chief Bogo: Well then, writing one hundred tickets a day should be easy. [Leaves room; Judy seems stunned, she taps her foot angrily]

Judy Hopps: A hundred tickets, I'm not gonna write a hundred tickets. I'm gonna write two-hundred tickets! Before noon!

Scene 8: Enter Nick Wilde

[Judy puts on her meter maid outfit, adjusts her mirror, puts on her seatbelt, turns on the car, and hits the pedal. The car moves as slow as possible. She goes around giving tickets to cars that have expired parking spots. Later, her ears pick up a beeping sound. A parking meter has expired. She grins, goes to the car, types up a ticket and puts it on the windshield. She hears another beep. She puts another ticket on another car. Her ears pick up another beep and puts another ticket on another car. She approaches a tall giraffe car. She grins, goes to her cart, leaps off of it onto a street sign, which she leaps from, lands on the car and places a ticket on its windshield. She hears parking meters expiring and puts tickets on cars as quick as possible. A mouse goes to his car with a parking ticket on it; it drives away and the mouse panicked goes after it. The parking meters go off one by one, Judy continues giving tickets to car and the number on her pad increases as the tickets are being printed out. Later, Judy looks at the clock which points to 12:00 and looks at the ticket pad which shows 200.]

Judy Hopps: Boom! Two-hundred tickets before noon. [Judy's own meter expires] Ugh... [prints out a ticket and gives it to her own vehicle] two-o-one.

[Then, she hears a car horn and sees Nick Wilde, a fox, dodging a Fresh Doe truck being driven by a ram named Doug.]

Doug: Hey, watch where you're goin', fox! [drives away]

[Judy watches Nick, slyly standing by an ice cream parlor, Jumbeaux's Café. When an elephant enters, Nick goes inside. Suspicious, Judy runs across the road, goes up to the parlor and peeks through the window looking for Nick, but she doesn't see him. There are elephants in line, and a hippo kid is seen walking.]

Judy Hopps: [whispering] Where'd he go? [Judy hops down and goes inside the store]

[In the café, an elephant scoops up a large chunk of pink ice cream with his trunk and places it on a cup. He sucks up a lot of peanuts from a bag using his trunk, and loudly blows them out onto the ice cream, with some of the peanuts falling onto the table. He then puts a cherry on top for good measure. The owner, Jerry Jumbeaux, Jr., an elephant, is at the counter taking orders. Judy enters and sees Nick talking to Jerry.]

Jerry Jumbeaux, Jr.: Listen, I don't know what you're doing skulking around during daylight hours, but I don't want any trouble in here, [Judy opens the lid off her belt to use the fox repellent] so hit the road!

Nick Wilde: I'm not looking for any trouble either, sir. I simply wanna buy a Jumbo-pop for my little boy. [a fennec fox, Finnick appears, in an elephant costume, sucking on a pacifier. He looks at Judy. Judy is taken aback; to Finnick] You want the red or the blue, pal?

[Finnick walks up to the glass and points to the cherry jumbo pop]

Judy Hopps: Ugh, [closes the strap on her belt and starts to leave] I'm such a -

Jerry Jumbeaux, Jr.: [to Finnick] Okay, come on, kid, back up. [to Nick] Listen, buddy, what? There aren't any fox ice cream joints in your part of town? [Judy stops and overhears them, her ears pricking up.]

Nick Wilde: Uh, no, no. There are, there are. It's just, my boy, [patting Finnick on the head] this goofy little stinker, he loves all things elephant, he wants to be one when he grows up. [Finnick puts on an elephant mask and trumpets like an elephant] Is that adorable?

Judy Hopps: Aww...

Nick Wilde: Who the heck am I to crush his little dreams, huh? Right?

Jerry Jumbeaux, Jr.: Look, you probably can't read, fox, [takes out a sign and points to it with his trunk] but the sign says "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone", so beat it! [he points to the door with his trunk]

Elephant Lady: [pushing Nick from behind] You're holding up the line!

[Finnick trumpets sadly; Judy steps forward]

Judy Hopps: Hello? Excuse me?

Jerry Jumbeaux, Jr.: Hey, you're gonna have to wait your turn like everyone else, meter maid.

Judy Hopps: Actually, [pulls back the orange mesh strap of her meter maid outfit, revealing her police uniform and badge] I'm an officer. Just had a quick question: are your customers aware they're getting snot and mucus with their cookies and cream? [an elephant couple are eating ice cream together holding trunks. Upon hearing this, the male elephant spits the ice cream from his trunk in the female elephant's face.]

Jerry Jumbeaux, Jr.: What are you talkin' about?

Judy Hopps: Well, I don't wanna cause you any trouble, but I believe scooping ice cream with an ungloved trunk is a class-three health code violation. [Jerry notices an employee holding ice cream with his trunk. The employee drops the ice cream, wipes his trunk on his apron, and sheepishly walks out.] Which is kind of a big deal. [Nick stands bewildered at her eagerness to help him.] Of course I can let you off with a warning if you glove those trunks and, I don't know, finish selling this nice dad and his son a... [to Nick, whispered] What was it?

Nick Wilde: A jumbo pop. Please.

Judy Hopps: A jumbo pop.

[Finnick toots]

Jerry Jumbeaux, Jr.: [sighs in annoyance] Fifteen dollars.

Nick Wilde: Thank you so much. [to Judy] Thank you. [Feels his pockets, then becomes mildly surprised.] Oh no, are you kidding me? I don't have my wallet! [chuckles nervously] I'd lose my head if it weren't attached to my neck. That's the truth. [sighs] Oh boy, [to Finnick] I'm sorry, pal. [strokes Finnick's head] Gotta be about the worst birthday ever. [places his paws on Finnick's cheeks] Please don't be mad at me. [kisses Finnick on the head and they walk out; to Judy] Thanks anyway. [as he takes Finnick out, the latter points back at the counter]

[Judy watches them leave, slams a twenty dollar bill on the counter.]

Judy Hopps: Keep the change.

[Later, Judy, Nick, and Finnick walk outside the parlor; Nick holds the jumbo pop that is nearly as big as himself and Judy holds Finnick's hand as they walk out.]

Nick Wilde: Officer, I can't thank you enough. So kind, really. Can I pay you back?

Judy Hopps: Oh no, my treat. It just - you know, it burns me up to see folks with such backward attitudes toward foxes. I just wanna say that you're a great dad and just a... A real articulate fella.

Nick Wilde: Well, that is high praise. It's rare that I find someone so non-patronizing. Officer...

Judy Hopps: [tips her hat] Hopps. Mr...

Nick Wilde: Wilde. Nick Wilde. [Judy and Nick shake paws; Judy looks at Finnick]

Judy Hopps: And you, little guy, you want to be an elephant when you grow up? You be an elephant. Because this is Zootopia. [places a Zootopia Police sticker on Finnick] Anyone can be anything. [Finnick toots]

Nick Wilde: Ah, boy, I tell him that all the time. [gives Finnick the jumbo pop] Alright, here you go. Two paws, yeah. Oh, look at that smile [Finnick smiles through the costume], that's a happy birthday smile! All right. Give her a little bye-bye toot-toot!

[Finnick toots twice as Nick and Finnick leave]

Judy Hopps: Toot-toot! [laughs]

Nick Wilde: Bye now! [Spins around and walks down the street with Finnick]

Judy Hopps: Goodbye! [cheerfully heads off on her way]

Scene 9: The Pawpsicle Scam

[Judy is seen in Sahara Square where she is continuing her meter maid job. She prints out another ticket and puts in on the windshield of a red car. She wipes her brow. Through the reflection, she sees Finnick.]

Judy Hopps: Oh! Hey, little toot-toot...

[She notices Finnick holding a jar, and red juice is pouring out of a rain gutter. Nick is seen on top of a roof, melting the Jumbo-pop on a chimney grate. After he melts it completely, he tosses the stick down, slides down from the roof like a surfer, grabs the jars, and he and Finnick walk inside their van and drive off. Judy looks confused as she sees Finnick driving the van. She follows them to Tundratown and sees Nick and Finnick. Finnick makes paw prints in the snow and puts small popsicle sticks by them, while Nick pours the melted Jumbo-pop juice over it. Judy continues to watch them in confusion. Later, Nick is seen carrying a cart of small Pawpsicles. He looks at the clock and it chimes 5:00. Lemmings are seen exiting Lemming Brothers Bank.]

Nick Wilde: Pawpsicles! Get your pawpsicles.

[Some lemmings leave, then one of them takes notices and goes up to Nick, and the other lemmings follow. The lemmings pay Nick as he hands them the pawpsicles one by one. They eat the pawpsicles and throw the sticks in the recycle cans in unison. Finnick pops out from the recycle cans and pulls carts holding the discarded sticks to the van. Judy watches suspiciously. Later, in Little Rodentia, a mouse foreman is working until he is halted by Nick putting the sticks in front of him.]

Nick Wilde: Lumber delivery!

Mouse foreman: What's with the color?

Nick Wilde: The color? Uhh... It's red wood.

[Judy watches from behind the grass and growls angrily, knowing she'd been conned.]

Scene 10: Judy Attempts to Arrest Nick

[In an alley, Nick is paying Finnick his share.]

Nick Wilde: Thirty-nine, forty. There you go. Way to work that diaper, big guy! [Finnick takes off the costume and goes in the van.] Hey! No kiss bye-bye for daddy? [Finnick slams the door, spits out the pacifier and looks at Nick.]

Finnick: [in a deep gruff voice] You kiss me tomorrow, I'll bite your face off! [French hip hop music starts playing; Finnick puts on shades] Ciao. [Finnick drives off, revealing a glaring Judy. As Nick eats one of his own "pawpsicles", he stops at the sight of her.]

Judy Hopps: Well. I stood up for you, and you lied to me. You liar!

Nick Wilde: It's called a hustle, sweetheart. And I'm not the liar, he is! [points the other way; Judy looks, but sees no one. She turns back and sees that Nick disappeared. She turns the other way and sees Nick walking away]

Judy Hopps: Hey! [chases Nick] All right, slick Nick, you’re under arrest.

Nick Wilde: Really, for what?

Judy Hopps: Gee, I don’t know. How about selling food without a permit, transporting undeclared commerce across borough lines, false advertising...

Nick Wilde: [shows a certificate] Permit, receipt of declared commerce, and I did not falsely advertise anything. Take care.

Judy Hopps: You told that mouse the pawpsicle sticks were redwood!

Nick Wilde: That’s right. [hands her the stick] Red wood. With a space in the middle. Wood that is red. [crosses the street as wildebeest cross] You can’t touch me, Carrots. I've been doing this since I was born.

Judy Hopps: [threateningly] You’re gonna want to refrain from calling me "Carrots."

Nick Wilde: My bad, I just naturally assumed you came from some little carrot-choked Podunk, no?

Judy Hopps: [gets through the wildebeest] Uh, no. Podunk is in Deerbrooke County and I grew up in Bunnyburrow.

Nick Wilde: Okay. Tell me if this story sounds familiar. [takes a blueberry from a stand and eats it] Naive little hick with good grades and big ideas decides, "Hey, look at me, I’m gonna move to Zootopia, where predators and prey live in harmony and sing “Kumbaya”!" Only to find - whoopsie - we don’t all get along. And that dream of becoming a big-city cop? Double whoopsie! She’s a meter maid. And whoopsie number three-sie, no one cares about her or her dreams. [As he says this, she looks sad and shocked that he knows everything] And soon enough those dreams die, [Judy gives him a look of shock and anger at the mention of the possibility of her dream dying] and our bunny sinks into emotional and literal squalor, living in a box under a bridge. Till, finally, she has no choice but to go back home with that cute fuzzy-wuzzy little tail between her legs [he brushes his tail against the ground to emphasize] to become... You're from Bunnyburrow, is that what you said? So how about a carrot farmer? Does that sound about right? [walks off, leaving Judy stunned. Judy follows Nick and is almost trampled by a rhino] Be careful now, or it won’t just be your dreams getting crushed.

Judy Hopps: [catches up to Nick, frustrated] Hey, hey! No one tells me what I can or can’t be! Especially not some jerk who never had the guts to try and be anything more than a pawpsicle hustler.

Nick Wilde: All right, look, everyone comes to Zootopia thinking they can be anything they want. Well, you can’t. You can only be what you are. [points to himself] Sly fox, [points to Judy] dumb bunny.

Judy Hopps: I am not a dumb bunny. [She sinks a bit and there is a soft squelch as she sinks to her knees]

Nick Wilde: Right. [points down] And that's not wet cement. [Judy is seen up to her knees in cement; Three construction beavers take notice and glare at her. Nick walks off as Judy struggles to break loose] You'll never be a real cop. You’re a cute meter maid, though. Maybe a supervisor one day. Hang in there! [Nick turns a corner, leaving Judy upset.]

Scene 11: Muzzletime

[Judy returns to her apartment with small gray-tan clouds of dust erupt on the carpet due to her feet covered in cement powder. She enters her room puts her stuff on her desk and cycles sadly through songs on the radio]

[Throughout the music, a depressed Judy puts a container of Carrots for One in the microwave and watches it with a lachrymose look on her face. When it's finished, she takes it out, opens it, only to find naught left but one dried up carrot that makes a squeal noise from steam. Judy groans in disgust, holds it arm length out, and lets it fall into the trash. Then her phone rings. Judy picks it up and sees that her parents are calling. Judy groans, puts on a forced smile, and answers her phone]

Judy Hopps: Oh, hey, it's my parents!

Bonnie Hopps: Oh, there she is! Hi, sweetheart!

Stu Hopps: Hey there, Jude the Dude! How was your first day on the force?

Judy Hopps: It was real great.

Bonnie Hopps: Yeah? Everything you ever hoped?

Judy Hopps: Mm-hmm, absolutely and more! Everyone's so nice, and I feel like I'm really making a difference.

Stu Hopps: [notices Judy's meter maid uniform] Wait a second... [gets a bit closer to the screen] Holy cripes, Bonnie, look at that!

Bonnie Hopps: [gets a bit closer to the screen as well] Oh, my sweet heaven! Judy, are you a meter maid?

Judy Hopps: Oh, this - [tries hurriedly to cover her vest] No! Oh, no. No, this is just a temporary thing!

Bonnie Hopps: Oh! It's the safest job on the force!

Stu Hopps: She's not a real cop! Our prayers have been answered!

Bonnie Hopps: Glorious day!

Stu Hopps: Ho-ho! Meter maid, meter maid, meter maid, meter maid!

Judy Hopps: [over Stu] Dad. Dad! Dad! You know what, it's been a really long day, I should really...

Bonnie Hopps: That's right, you get some rest!

Stu Hopps: Those meters aren't gonna maid themselves!

Bonnie Hopps: Bye-bye! [ends call]

Judy Hopps: Buh-bye... [Judy puts down the phone and sits back, still depressed, as the music still plays.]

Pronk Oryx-Antlerson: [from the other room] Hey, bunny, turn down that depressing music!

[Judy turns off the radio quickly]

Bucky Oryx-Antlerson: [from the other room] Leave the meter maid alone! Didn't you hear her conversation? She feels like a failure!

Pronk Oryx-Antlerson: Oh, shut up!

Bucky Oryx-Antlerson: You shut up!

Pronk Oryx-Antlerson: You shut up!

Bucky Oryx-Antlerson: You shut up!

Judy Hopps: [groans, mutters to herself] Tomorrow's another day...


Pronk Oryx-Antlerson: Yeah, but it might be worse!

Scene 12: The Chase in Little Rodentia

[The next day, Judy is doing her meter maid duty again. A parking meter goes off and she puts a ticket on a car. A moose is angry.]

Moose: [grumbles, he holds up the ticket] I was thirty seconds over! [Judy winces, looking exhausted and defeated.]

[Another parking meter has expired and Judy puts a ticket on a tiny car.]

Mouse: [holding up the ticket] Ugh! Yeah, you're a real hero, lady!

[Another parking meter goes off and Judy puts another ticket on another car. A female hippo is holding her daughter's hand, and in her other hand, she's holding her ticket, shaking in indignation.]

Hippo Girl: My mommy says she wishes you were dead. [her mother walks off with her]

Offscreen character: Uncool, Rabbit! My tax dollars pay your salary! [Judy, bummed, goes inside her car and slowly taps her head on the steering wheel.]

Judy Hopps: [sighs] I am a real cop, I am a real cop, I am a real cop, I am a real cop... [Duke Weaselton runs past her carrying a duffel bag. Frantic Pig goes up to her.]

Frantic Pig: Hey! Hey, hey! You, bunny!

Judy Hopps: [agitated, stops banging her head] Sir, if you have a grievance, you may contest your citation in traffic court.

Frantic Pig: What are you talking about?! My shop! It was just robbed! Look, he's getting away! [Duke quickly runs away from the shop. Frantic Pig shakes Judy's vehicle violently, surprising her] Well, are you a cop or not?!

Judy Hopps: [seeing it as an opportunity to prove herself] Oh! Yes. Yes! Don't worry, sir, I got this! [Judy runs out of her car, throws her hat away, tears off her vest like Superman tearing out of his uniform, and chases after Duke.] Stop! [Duke sees her chasing after him.] Stop in the name of the law!

Duke Weaselton: Catch me if ya can, cottontail! [Judy chases Duke through Savannah Central. Duke dodges large animals and runs under a police car.] Coming through!

Officer McHorn: This is Officer McHorn, we got a 10-31. [Judy hops from behind the car, slides off the top, and continues chasing after Duke.] Huh?

Judy Hopps: I got dibs! Officer Hopps, I am in pursuit! Woot-woot!

[Judy continues chasing Duke; Duke sees the entrance of Little Rodentia. He throws the bag over the gate and dives through the hole. Some mice run away as Duke enters through the hole and catches the bag. He chuckles and runs off. Judy slides through the entrance and looks for Duke. She sees the bag.]

Judy Hopps: You! Freeze! [Judy runs after him and McHorn runs up to the gate.]

Officer McHorn: Hey! Meter maid! Wait for the real cops! [Judy chases Duke down the streets.]

Judy Hopps: Stop!

[Duke steps on tiny cars with mice driving them and uses them as roller skates. He taunts Judy.]

Duke Weaselton: Ha ha ha ha!

[Duke roller skates through between buildings and hops on them. Judy follows him and sees Duke jumping on the buildings and tipping the last one in the process. In one of the buildings, a mouse is on a hamster wheel and notices their house is being tilted. The buildings topple each other like dominoes. Judy stands between the buildings and pushes them back in place. The mice scream and scurry around. Judy makes her way past them without stepping on them, but struggles to do so.]

Judy Hopps: Oh! Sorry, coming through! Excuse me. Excuse me. Pardon. [She gets on the train tracks and hears a train whistle. She sees Duke on top on a mouse-sized train. She quickly gets out of the way.] Aaahh!

Duke Weaselton: Bon voyage-y, flatfoot!

[Judy growls and goes after him. Duke notices a pipe, and inside a mouse looks up and yelps. Duke dodges it, and then he notices more pipes. He dodges four pipes, feeling confident. Then he notices Judy hanging from another pipe. She grabs Duke and spins around and sends him flying off. Duke lands on a small flat building, The Big Donut. He sees Judy coming at him.]

Judy Hopps: Hey! Stop right there!

Duke Weaselton: Have a donut, copper! [He kicks the donut sign, Judy yells and ducks. Not far away, Fru Fru, a lady shrew, is seen walking down the street with her shrew friends carrying shopping bags.]

Fru Fru: Oh my God, did you see those leopard print jeggings?

[Her friends hear the donut thumping on the street, and they scream and run away. Fru Fru notices the donut heading for her and screams.]

Judy Hopps: Oh! [she takes notices and catches the donut, which is just a few inches away from her head. Fru Fru looks up and sees Judy holding the donut sign.]

Judy Hopps: Whew! I love your hair.

Fru Fru: [twirls her hair, flattered] Aw... Thank you!

Duke Weaselton: [chuckles, taking the bag] Come to papa!

[He gets spooked and yelps as a shouting Judy slams the donut on him. The scene changes to the ZPD where Clawhauser is talking to Mrs. Otterton while holding a donut.]

Benjamin Clawhauser: Okay. You're gonna have to be patient and wait in line just like everyone else, Mrs. Otterton, okay?

[Clawhauser and Mrs. Otterton hear the doors open. Clawhauser gets startled, and Mrs. Otterton watches curiously as Duke is seen bound by the donut, rolling across the room. He hits the side of the desk, making Clawhauser and Mrs. Otterton both yelp with surprise, Clawhauser accidentally drops his donut in the process. Duke moans, stops rolling, and lands in place, upside-down. Mrs. Otterton looks curiously at the donut sign as it stops rolling. Judy jumps through the open doorway, heroically and happily.]

Judy Hopps: [triumphantly happy] I popped the weasel!

Chief Bogo: HOPPS! [Judy sees Chief Bogo on the second-floor balcony, who points angrily to the left to meet him in his office.]

Offscreen officer: [whispered] Uh-oh.

Scene 13: Judy Takes the Otterton Case

[Judy is seen in Chief Bogo's office.]

Chief Bogo: Abandoning your post, inciting a scurry, reckless endangerment of rodents but - to be fair - you did stop a master criminal from stealing two-dozen moldy onions. [shows the bag, revealing plant bulbs]

Judy Hopps: Mmm, hate to disagree with you, sir, but those aren't onions. Those are a crocus variety called Midnicampum holicithius. They're a Class С botanical, sir. Well, I grew up in a family where plant husbandry was kind of a thing--

Chief Bogo: Shut your tiny mouth now! [puts the bag away]

Judy Hopps: Sir, I got the bad guy. That's my job!

Chief Bogo: Your job is putting tickets on parked cars!

Benjamin Clawhauser: [through intercom] Chief, uh, Mrs. Otterton's here to see you again.

Chief Bogo: Not now.

Benjamin Clawhauser: [through intercom] Okay, I just didn't know if you wanted to take it this time, she seems really upset...

Chief Bogo: [this time, punctuating one word at a time and pushing the button once for each word] NOT! NOW!

Judy Hopps: Sir, I don't wanna be a meter maid. I wanna be a real cop.

Chief Bogo: [fuming] Do you think the Mayor asked what I wanted when he assigned you to me?!

Judy Hopps: But, sir, if-

Chief Bogo: Life isn't some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and your insipid dreams magically come true! [leans in closely] So let. It. Go. [Mrs. Otterton enters his office, distressed.]

Mrs. Otterton: Chief Bogo, please! Five minutes of your time, please!

Benjamin Clawhauser: [Enters the room, catching his breath] I'm sorry, sir... I tried to stop her, she's super slippery... [leaves] I gotta go sit down...

Chief Bogo: [calmly] Ma'am, as I've told you, we're doing everything we can.

Mrs. Otterton: [she shows a picture of herself, Emmitt, and two otter children, one holding a soccer ball.] My husband has been missing for ten days. His name is Emmitt Otterton.

Chief Bogo: Yes, I know.

[Judy looks at Mrs. Otterton, feeling sorry for her.]

Mrs. Otterton: He's a florist. We have two beautiful children. He would never just disappear.

Chief Bogo: Ma'am, our detectives are very busy.

Mrs. Otterton: Please! There's gotta be somebody to find my Emmitt.

Chief Bogo: Mrs. Otterton-

Judy Hopps: I will find him. [She gets down off the chair.]

Mrs. Otterton: [happily and gratefully] Oh, thank you! [with a light chuckle of relief, she rushes over to hug Judy] Bless you, bless you little bunny! [she sobs for a moment. Judy, mildly surprised at first, returns the hug, chuckling a bit as well. Chief Bogo grunts furiously at her.] Oh! Heh. [Mrs. Otterton gives Judy her picture.] Take this, find my Emmitt. Bring him home to me and my babies, please. [Judy nods]

Chief Bogo: Ahem! Mrs. Otterton, please wait out here.

Mrs. Otterton: [leaves the room] Of course. Oh, thank you both so much.

Chief Bogo: One second. [after Mrs. Otterton leaves, Chief Bogo closes the door and turns to Judy, furiously, clenching his teeth] You're... fired.

Judy Hopps: What?! Why?

Chief Bogo: Insubordination! Now, I'm going to open this door and you're going to tell that otter you're a former meter maid with delusions of grandeur [as he speaks, Judy lifts her arms in exasperation] who will not be taking the case. [opens the door, revealing Mrs. Otterton with Bellwether]

Dawn Bellwether: I just heard Officer Hopps is taking the case!

Chief Bogo: [surprised, smiles nervously] Assistant Mayor Bellwether!

Dawn Bellwether: [takes out her phone and texts] The mammal inclusion initiative is really starting to pay off. [chuckles] Mayor Lionheart is just gonna be so jazzed!

Chief Bogo: No, no. Let's not tell the mayor just yet!

Dawn Bellwether: And sent it, and it is done, so I did do that. [Chief Bogo face palms, annoyed, grunting; to Judy] All right, well, I'd say the case is in good hands. Us little guys really need to... stick together, right?

Judy Hopps: Like glue.

Dawn Bellwether: [Laughs] Good one. Yeah. Just call me if you ever need anything, okay? You've always got a friend at City Hall, Judy. Alright. Bye-bye!

Judy Hopps: Thank you, ma'am.

[Bellwether and Mrs. Otterton leave, Chief Bogo with a fake smile closes the door. He sighs begrudgingly. Judy waits for a response.]

Chief Bogo: I will give you 48 hours.

Judy Hopps: [stoked and excited] Yes!

Chief Bogo: That's two days to find Emmitt Otterton.

Judy Hopps: Okay.

Chief Bogo: But! You strike out, you resign.

Judy Hopps: [enthusiasm drops] Oh. Uh... Okay. Deal.

Chief Bogo: Splendid. [opens the door] Clawhauser will give you the complete case file.

Scene 14: Otterton's File

[Judy goes to Clawhauser's desk, where Clawhauser gives Judy the file.]

Clawhauser: Here you go! One missing otter! [Judy opens the file, revealing little information.]

Judy Hopps: That's it?!

Clawhauser: Yikes! That is the smallest case file I've ever seen. Leads: none, witnesses: none, and you're not in the computer system yet, so resources: none! [Laughs, as Judy's ears droop] Oh, I hope you didn't stake your career on cracking this one!

Judy Hopps: [brushes off the donut sprinkles after they fell off the donut] Okay. Last known sighting. [Judy looks at the picture and gets annoyed by the slurping noises. Clawhauser is drinking a bottle of Cub Soda that is totally empty.] Can I just borrow... Thank you. [takes the bottle and uses it as a magnifying glass. Clawhauser still has the straw in his mouth. Judy sees Emmitt holding a Pawpsicle.] Pawpsicle...

Clawhauser: [taking the straw out of his mouth] The murder weapon...

Judy Hopps: [to herself] "Get your pawpsicle..."

Clawhauser: [whispered, slightly waving the straw near Judy's direction, as though understanding] Yeah, 'cause that... [then gets confused] what does that mean?

Judy Hopps: It means... [she moves the bottle and sees Nick in the background] I have a lead.

Scene 15: Judy's Hustle

[The scene changes to Nick pushing Finnick in a stroller, who sleeps and snores. He closes the lid after a hippo passerby gives him a look. Judy drives next to them.]

Judy Hopps: Hi! Hello! It's me again.

Nick Wilde: Hey, it's Officer Toot-toot!

Judy Hopps: Ha-ha-ho... No. Actually, it's Officer Hopps and I'm here to ask you some questions about a case.

Nick Wilde: What happened, meter maid? Did someone steal a traffic cone? It wasn't me. [annoyed, Judy blocks the sidewalk, blaring her siren] Hey, Carrots, you're gonna wake the baby. I gotta get to work.

Judy Hopps: [hops out of the car with the file and a carrot pen] This is important, sir. I think your ten dollars worth of pawpsicles can wait.

Nick Wilde: Ha! I make two hundred bucks a day, Fluff. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year since I was twelve. And time is money. Hop along.

Judy Hopps: Please, just look at the picture. [shows a close-up picture of Emmitt] You sold Mr. Otterton that pawpsicle, right? Do you know him?

Nick Wilde: I know everybody. [smirks] And I also know that somewhere, there's a toy store missing its stuffed animal. So why don't you get back to your box?

Judy Hopps: [her smiles drops, then becomes serious] Fine. Then we'll have to do this the hard way.

[in a quick second, a clink is heard, and there is a parking boot attached to Nick's stroller]

Nick Wilde: Did you just boot my stroller?

Judy Hopps: Nicholas Wilde, you are under arrest!

Nick Wilde: [scoffs, amused] For what? [mockingly] Hurting your feewings?

Judy Hopps: [smiles slyly] Felony tax evasion. [Nick's smile drops, flabbergasted, and his eyes widen as Judy writes] Yeeaah... two hundred dollars a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year since you were twelve, that's two decades, so times twenty which is... one million four hundred sixty thousand - I think. I mean, [chuckles] I am just a dumb bunny, but we are good at multiplying. Anyway, according to your tax forms, you reported, let me see here, zero! [Nick's face freezes in fear] Unfortunately, lying on a federal form is a punishable offense. Five years jail time.

Nick Wilde: Well, it's my word against yours.

[Judy pulls out her carrot pen and plays back Nick's confession]

Nick Wilde's voice: [Through carrot pen] ...two hundred bucks a day, Fluff. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year since I was twelve.

Judy Hopps: Actually, it's your word against yours. And if you want this pen, you're going to help me find this poor missing otter, or the only place you'll be selling pawpsicles is the prison cafeteria. [grins] It's called a hustle, sweetheart. [Nick shows a stunned look]

Finnick: She hustled you. [opens the stroller, laughing] She hustled you good! You're a cop now, Nick! You're gonna need one of these. [slaps his police sticker on Nick's shirt; Nick frowns] Have fun working with the fuzz! [leaves still laughing]

Judy Hopps: [to Nick] Start talking.

Nick Wilde: [sighs] I don't know where he is, I only saw where he went.

Judy Hopps: Great! Let's go! [gets in her car]

Nick Wilde: [grins] It's not exactly a place for a cute little bunny.

Judy Hopps: [annoyed] Don't call me cute! Get in the car.

Nick Wilde: [smirking] Okay, you're the boss. [joins Judy]

Scene 16: The Mystic Spring Oasis

[Judy and Nick enter a room resembling one from the 70s. They walk up to a yak named Yax meditating behind his desk. Flies are buzzing around his head.]

Yax: Ohm... Ohm... Ohm...

Judy Hopps: Ahem. Hi. Uh, hello.

Yax: [loudly, over Judy trying to get his attention] Ohm... Ohm... Ohm...

Judy Hopps: Hello? Hello? Hello!

[Yax comes out of his meditation, shaking his head, making the flies buzz around his head. He removes his hair from his eyes, looks down, and sees Judy]

Yax: Hmm?

Judy: Hello! My name is...

Yax: Ohhh, y'know, I'm gonna hit the pause button right there, 'cause we're all good on bunny scout cookies.

Judy Hopps: Uh... no. I'm Officer Hopps, ZPD. I'm looking for a missing mammal; Emmitt Otterton, right here, who may have frequented this establishment? [takes out the Otterton picture and shows it to Yax. He looks at it, inhales, and sneezes, making the flies surrounding him buzz loudly]

Yax: Yeah, old Emmitt! [chuckles, handing the picture back to Judy, who wipes off the germs.] Haven't seen him in a couple of weeks. [he wags his tail] But hey, you should talk to his yoga instructor. I'd be happy to take you back. [walks up to some doors as Judy and Nick follow]

Judy Hopps: Oh thank you so much, I'd appreciate that more than you can imagine, it'd be such an - [Judy sees Yax's rear end, showing that he's completely naked; she covers her eyes] OHHHH, you are naked!

Yax: Huh? [he sways his hips] Oh, for sure, we're a naturalist club! [chuckles]

Nick Wilde: Yeah, in Zootopia, anyone can be anything. And these guys? They be naked. [Judy seems disturbed by it, Yax opens the doors.]

Yax: Nangi's just on the other side of the pleasure pool.

[Judy's eyes widen and her jaw drops in horror at the sight of naked animals lying around a pool. Among them are an elephant who trumpets while spraying some water in the air, an antelope who is relaxing, a bear who has his/her rear end in the air, a zebra splashing some water on his/her face, a moose floating in an inner tube, and a panther laying in the water. Judy covers her mouth and Nick seems to be enjoying Judy's horrified reaction. We see hippos playing ball in the pool, bears scratching their backs against the trees, similar to Baloo from The Jungle Book, and pigs wallowing in the mud. One is massaging another's back.]

Nick Wilde: Oh, boy. Does this make you uncomfortable? Because if so, there's no shame in calling it quits.

Judy Hopps: [snaps out of it and enters the club] Yes, there is.

Nick Wilde: [sarcastically; follows her] Boy, that's the spirit.

[Some hippos are playing volleyball with giraffes. They serve and the giraffe hits it, hitting the ground, to the surprise of both hippos. As Judy and Nick follow Yax, she seems uncomfortable at the sight of nudity. She sees a panther licking his leg. The panther looks up at her. A giraffe drinks from a fountain, showing his rear end.]

Yax: Yeah, some mammals say the naturalist life is weird, but you know what I say is weird? Clothes on animals! [Yax leads Judy and Nick to an elephant leading a yoga class with a zebra, a giraffe, and an armadillo. Judy winces and groans.] Here we go. As you can see, Nangi's an elephant, so she'll totally remember everything. Hey, Nangi! These dudes have some questions about Emmitt the Otter.

Nangi: Who?

Yax: Uh, Emmitt Otterton. Been coming to your yoga class for, like, six years. [Judy shows the picture while trying to avoid looking at her nudity.]

Nangi: I have no memory of this beaver.

Judy Hopps: Uh, he's an otter, actually.

Yax: He was here a couple of Wednesdays ago, remember?

Nangi: [bending over, looking through her legs] Nope.

Yax: Yeah, he was wearing a green cable-knit sweater vest and a new pair of corduroy slacks. [Judy starts taking notes] Oh, and a Paisley tie, sweet Windsor knot. Real tight. Remember that, Nangi?

Nangi: [standing on one foot] No.

Yax: Yeah, and we both walked him out, and he got into this big old white car with a silver trim. Needed a tune-up, the third cylinder wasn't firing. Remember that, Nangi?

Nangi: [with her body curled into the shape of a backwards C] Nope.

Judy Hopps: Um, uh, you didn't happen to catch the license plate number... did you?

Yax: Oh, for sure. It was 2-9-T-H-D-0-3.

[Nick seems amazed at Nangi's flexibility and looks at Judy's notes, and briefly nods]

Judy Hopps: [writing it down] ...0-3. Wow, this is a lot of great info, thank you.

Yax: Told you Nangi has a mind like a steel trap. Ah, I wish I had a memory like an elephant.

Scene 17: Running the Plate

[Judy and Nick leave the Oasis; Nick turns to Judy, straightening his tie]

Nick Wilde: Well, I had a ball. You are welcome for the clue, and seeing as how any moron can run a plate, I will take that pen and bid you adieu. [holds out his paw for the pen]

Judy Hopps: The plate. I can't run a plate. Ooh... I'm not in the system yet.

Nick Wilde: [impatient] Give me the pen, please...

Judy Hopps: [turns to Nick, smiling slyly] What was it you said? "Any moron can run a plate"? Gosh, if only there were a moron around who were up to the task.

Nick Wilde: [frustrated] Rabbit, I did what you asked! You can't keep me on the hook forever.

Judy Hopps: Not forever. Well, I only have 36 hours left to solve this case. So can you run the plate or not?

Nick Wilde: [glares at Judy, then grins] Actually, I just remembered, I have a pal at the DMV.

Scene 18: The DMV

[Judy and Nick drive up and enter the Department of Mammal Vehicles, DMV]

Nick Wilde: Flash is the fastest guy in there. You need something done, he's on it.

Judy Hopps: I hope so. We are really fighting the clock and every minute counts. [Judy notices that all of the workers are sloths] Wait, they're all sloths?

[The sloths are working slowly, stamping papers, stapling papers, and taking license pictures, irritating the customers.]

Judy Hopps: You said this was gonna be quick!

Nick Wilde: [in mock surprise] What, are you saying that because he's a sloth he can't be fast? I thought in Zootopia anyone could be anything. [they walk up to Flash] Flash, Flash, hundred yard dash! Buddy, it's nice to see ya.

Flash Slothmore: Nice to... see you... too.

Nick Wilde: Hey, Flash, I'd love you to meet my friend... [to Judy] Uh, darling, I've forgotten your name. [Judy gives Nick a look]

Judy Hopps: Hmmm. [inhales] Officer Judy Hopps, ZPD. How are you?

Flash Slothmore: I am... doing... just...

Judy Hopps: Fine?

Flash Slothmore: ...as well... as... I can... be.

Judy Hopps: Hmm.

Flash Slothmore: What...

Nick Wilde: [to Judy] Hang in there.

Flash Slothmore: ...can I... do...

Judy Hopps: Well, I was hoping you could run a plate--

Flash Slothmore: ...for you...

Judy Hopps: Well, I was hoping you could--

Flash Slothmore: ...today?

[Judy waits a moment to see if Flash is finished saying his sentence.]

Judy Hopps: Well, I was hoping you could run a plate for us. We are in a really big hurry!

Flash Slothmore: Sure. What's the... plate...

Judy Hopps: 2-9-T--

Flash Slothmore: ...number?

Judy Hopps: [sighs faintly] 2-9-T-H-D-0-3.

[After a moment of pause, Flash slowly types the number on his computer as slow as possible.]

Flash Slothmore: 2... 9...

Judy Hopps: T-H-D-0-3.

Flash Slothmore: ...T...

Judy Hopps: [Her ears droop. She's starting to lose her patience] H-D-0-3.

Flash Slothmore: ...H...

Judy Hopps: [she briefly looks away and scowls] D-0-3.

Flash Slothmore: ... D...

Judy Hopps: [slightly strained] Mm-hmm, 0-3.

Flash Slothmore: ...0...

Judy Hopps: [desperately] 3!

[Judy anxiously waits and whimpers. As Flash is about to type the last number, Nick interrupts.]

Nick Wilde: Hey, Flash, wanna hear a joke?

Judy Hopps: [to Nick] No!

Flash Slothmore: Sure.

[Judy groans in annoyance]

Nick Wilde: Okay. [inhales] What do you call a three-humped camel? [he holds up three fingers]

Flash Slothmore: I don't... know. What do... you call... a...

Judy Hopps: [losing her patience, trying to move the joke along] Three-humped camel.

Flash Slothmore: ...three-humped... camel?

Nick Wilde: Pregnant! [laughs, elbowing Judy, who has an annoyed look and briefly glares at Nick. Flash slowly smiles, opening his mouth, and laughs slowly]

Flash Slothmore: Ha... Ha... Heh... Ha...

Judy Hopps: Ha ha! Yes, very funny, very funny. Can we please just focus on the task?

Flash Slothmore: [turns the other way] Hey...

Judy Hopps: [caught by surprise] Wait, wait, wait!

Flash Slothmore: ...Priscilla. [Priscilla turns to him, slowly]

Judy Hopps: Oh, no!

Priscilla Tripletoe: Yes... Flash?

Flash Slothmore: What... do...

Judy Hopps: [exhales a small gasp] No...!

Flash Slothmore: ...you call...

Judy Hopps: [over Flash] A three-humped camel? Pregnant!

Flash Slothmore: ...a three...

Judy Hopps: Okay! Great! We got it! Please, just...

Flash Slothmore: ...humped...

[Judy growls in frustration and bangs her head on the counter. Much later, the paper prints out; Flash slowly gets it out and slowly hands it to Judy]

Flash Slothmore: Here...

Judy Hopps: Yes! Yeah, yeah, yeah, hurry.

Flash Slothmore: ...you...

Judy Hopps: [hastily grabs the paper] Thank you! 2-9-T-H-D-0-3...

Flash Slothmore: ...go.

Judy Hopps: It's registered to... Tundratown Limo Service! A limo took Otterton! And the limo's in Tundratown! [quickly runs out] It's in Tundratown!

Nick Wilde: [to Flash] Way to hustle, bud. I love ya! I owe ya! [Judy and Nick walk out of the DMV]

Judy Hopps: Hurry! We gotta beat the rush hour and-- [looks outside, shocked, as she sees that it's already nighttime. A cricket chirps offscreen] It's night?! [her voice slightly echoes]

Scene 19: Tundratown Limo Service

[The scene changes to the Tundratown Limo Service. Judy tugs on the lock on the gate.]

Judy Hopps: Closed! Great.

Nick Wilde: Hm. And I will betcha you don't have a warrant to get in, hmm? Darn it. It's a bummer.

Judy Hopps: You wasted the day on purpose!

Nick Wilde: Madam, [points to his police sticker] I have a fake badge. I would never impede your pretend investigation.

Judy Hopps: It's not a "pretend investigation". [takes out the Otterton picture] Look, see? See him? This otter is missing.

Nick Wilde: Well, then they should've gotten a real cop to find him.

Judy Hopps: [really upset, puts the picture away] What is your problem? Does seeing me fail somehow make you feel better about your own sad, miserable life?

Nick Wilde: It does, 100%. [grins] Now, since you're sans warrant, I guess we're... done?

Judy Hopps: [sighs] Fine. We are done. [holds out her pen] Here's your pen. [grinning, Nick starts to grab the pen, until Judy throws it over the other side of the fence]

Nick Wilde: Hey! [the pen lands in the snow] First off, you throw like a bunny. Second, you're a very sore loser. [starts climbing the fence] See you later, Officer Fluff! So sad this is over. I wish I could've helped more! [Nick jumps down, but is shocked to find Judy before him, holding the pen]

Judy Hopps: The thing is, [camera zooms out, revealing Judy dug underneath the fence] you don't need a warrant if you have probable cause, and I'm pretty sure I saw a shifty lowlife climbing the fence. So you're helping plenty! Come on! [heads off, smiling cheekily, with Nick glaring at her. Judy uses her phone light and wipes the snow off the license plate] 2-9-T-H-D-0-3... This is it! [Nick opens the passenger door and Judy opens the driver's door. Cold mist comes out from the car. Judy looks around the pedal and the brake and sees a strand of white hair. She picks it up with a pair of tweezers.] Polar bear fur. [Nick nods, rolling his eyes. He exhales, as shown by his visible breath. He then opens the glove compartment and suddenly jumps back in alarm.]

Nick Wilde: Oh my God!

Judy Hopps: What? What?! [Nick takes out a bunch of CDs. One of them has a picture of a smiling vole on it.]

Nick Wilde: The velvety pipes of Jerry Vole! [grins, Judy looks at him annoyed, puts the polar bear fur in a plastic bag] But on CD. Who still uses CDs? [tosses the CDs back]

[Nick opens the door revealing the back. He gets spooked and his ears pull back.]

Nick Wilde: Carrots? If your otter was here, he had a very bad day. [Judy goes to take a look. The back is ripped and claw marks are shown everywhere.]

Judy Hopps: Those are... claw marks. You ever seen anything like this?

Nick Wilde: No. [Judy looks around and sees a wallet]

Judy Hopps: Oh, wait. Look! [Judy and Nick hop down. Judy looks at the wallet, seeing Mr. Otterton's picture] This is him. Emmitt Otterton. He was definitely here. What do you think happened?

[Nick looks around and sees a cup. He picks it up and sees a fancy B imprinted on it]

Nick Wilde: Well, now, wait a minute. Polar bear fur, rat-pack music, fancy cup? [Nick shows signs of fear, and starts putting the cup back and organizing the cups frantically] I know whose car this is, we gotta go!

Judy Hopps: Why? Whose car is it?

Nick Wilde: The most feared crime boss in Tundratown. They call him Mr. Big, and he does not like me, [flails his arms around and points with both hands] so we gotta go!

Judy Hopps: I'm not leaving. This is a crime scene.

Nick Wilde: [grabs Judy and starts to head out] Well, it's gonna be an even bigger crime scene if Mr. Big finds me here, so we're leaving, right now! [Nick opens the door where two polar bears are waiting outside. Nick recoils and jumps back, startled] Oh, gah! [he tries to hide his nervousness by looking suave] Raymond! And is that Kevin? Long time no see! And speaking of "no see", how about you forget you saw [pointing at himself] me. Huh? For old time's sake? [Raymond and Kevin grab Judy and Nick by their necks] That's a no.

Scene 20: Mr. Big

[They pull them off and they drive off in a limo. Judy and Nick are between both polar bears in stunned, wide-eyed silence. Music faintly plays on the radio. Raymond is looking through pictures on his phone. He looks at one, a selfie showing both of them smiling at the camera while holding a wolf in a headlock, and chuckles. Judy looks away from the pictures.]

Judy Hopps: [whispers] What did you do that made Mr. Big so mad at you?

Nick Wilde: [whispers] I, um... I may have sold him a very expensive wool rug that was made from the fur of a skunk'ssss... butt. [Judy briefly looks at him with a shocked look on her face, before it turns into one of resignation]

Judy Hopps: Oh, sweet cheese and crackers.

[The limo drives up to a house and a polar bear closes the driveway. The polar bears take Judy and Nick to a room and no one seems to be there. They pushed them forward. Another polar bear enters the room.]

Judy Hopps: [whispers] Is that Mr. Big?

Nick Wilde: [whispers] No.

[Another polar bear enters the room]

Judy Hopps: What about him? Is that him?

Nick Wilde: No!

[A third polar bear, Koslov, larger than the others, enters the room and walks to the desk]

Judy Hopps: [gasps at the sight of him] That's gotta be him.

Nick Wilde: [whispering through gritted teeth] Stop talking, stop talking, stop talking!

[Koslov sits with his hands on the desk. He unclenches his hands to reveal a tiny chair. He turns it around, revealing Mr. Big, who is a shrew]

Judy Hopps: [tilts her head slightly] Huh.

Nick Wilde: Mr. Big, sir, this is a simple misunder- [Mr. Big grunts and holds out his hand, showing a ring on his finger] Oh, here! [Nick kisses the ring] Ahh. This is a simple misunderstanding.

Mr. Big: [grunts; speaking in a Marlon Brando Godfather style voice] You come here unannounced on the day my daughter is to be married.

Nick Wilde: Well, actually, we were brought here against our will, so... [laughs nervously; Mr. Big raises an eyebrow slightly] The point is, I-I did not know that it was your car, and I certainly did not know about your daughter's wedding!

Mr. Big: Hmm. I trusted you, Nicky. I welcomed you into my home. [Nick hangs his head in shame and guilt] We broke bread together. Grandmama made you a cannoli. [shows a picture of an elderly shrew] And how did you repay my generosity? With a rug. Made from the butt of a skunk. [looks down, shaking his head slightly] A skunk butt rug. You disrespected me. You disrespected my Grandmama, who I buried in that skunk butt rug. [Koslov crosses his chest in prayer and looks up gloomily.] I told you never to show your face here again, but here you are, snooping around with this... [looks at Judy] What are you, a performer? What's with the costume?

Judy Hopps: Sir, I am a co-

Nick Wilde: [interrupts] Mime! She is a mime! This [pushes Judy's shoulder roughly, glaring and pointing at her] mime cannot speak! You can't speak if you're a mime!

Judy Hopps: No, I am a cop. [Nick sighs and facepalms; Judy shows the Otterton picture] And I'm on the Emmitt Otterton case, and my evidence puts him in your car! [gets her face close to Mr. Big] So intimidate me all you want, I'm gonna find out what you did to that otter if it's the last thing I do. [Nick looks at her, shocked and facepalms again]

Mr. Big: [grunts] Then I have only one request: [he briefly smiles] say hello to Grandmama. Ice 'em!

Nick Wilde: Whoa, whoa, whoa! [Judy steps away from the desk in fear and confusion, just as one of the polar bear guards picks her up by the back of her shirt] I-I-I-I-I-I didn't see nothing! I'm not saying nothing! [The other one grabs Nick's scruff and pulls him away, he digs his claws in the desk, leaving claw marks.]

Mr. Big: And you never will.

Nick Wilde: Please!

Judy Hopps: Put me down! [the polar bears move a carpet and open a trap door, revealing an icy pit.]

Nick Wilde: No, no, no, no, no! If you're mad at me about the rug, I've got more rugs! [Fru Fru enters the room, wearing a wedding dress.]

Fru Fru: Oh, Daddy! [she twirls, holding his hand] It's time for our dance! [she sees the polar bears holding Judy and Nick above the icy pit and gets upset] Ugh! What did we say? No icing anyone at my wedding!

Mr. Big: I have to, baby, daddy has to. Ice 'em!

Nick Wilde: No, no, no!

Fru Fru: Wait. Wait! [the polar bears stop again] She's the bunny that saved my life yesterday! From that giant donut!

Mr. Big: This bunny?

Fru Fru: Yeah! [waves to Judy] Hi!

Judy Hopps: Hi. I love your dress!

Fru Fru: [curtsies] Aw... Thank you!

Mr. Big: Hm. Put 'em down. [the polar bears close the trap door and put Judy and Nick down; to Judy] You have done me a great service. I will help you find the otter. I will take your kindness and pay it forward. [Judy leans forward and Mr. Big kisses her on both cheeks. Nick looks at them, dumbfounded, as his jaw drops a little.]

Scene 21: Discussing Otterton

[The scene changes to Fru Fru's wedding. Mr. Big, Fru Fru, her husband, and several other shrews pose for a picture. The shrews then dance and cheer while Fru Fru dances with her husband.]

Shrews: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

[A female shrew in a hat holds her cringing son as she dances. Mr. Big's polar bear mafia are shown to be watching everyone, surrounding in a circle the platform on which the wedding is taking place.]

[A shrew waiter offers Nick a pea-sized slice of cake, which Nick takes.]

Nick Wilde: Hmm... [he looks at the cake, scoffs, and uses a tiny fork to cut part of the cake and eats it. He nods his head slightly to the side with a smile, apparently liking it]

Mr. Big: Otterton is my florist. He's like a part of the family. He had something important he wanted to discuss. That's why I sent that car to pick him up. But he never arrived.

Judy Hopps: Because he was attacked.

Mr. Big: No. He attacked. [Judy and Nick are surprised]

Judy Hopps: Otterton?

Mr. Big: Otterton. He went crazy - ripped up the car, scared my driver half to death [his eyes are visible for a moment and widen as he says this last part], and disappeared into the night. [he holds his paw out for emphasis]

Judy Hopps: But he's a sweet little otter.

Mr. Big: Hmm. My child, we may be evolved, but deep down, we are still animals. [Judy and Nick show looks of concern.]

Scene 22: The Chase in the Rainforest District

[The scene transitions to Judy and Nick crossing a bridge to a moss-covered house in the Rainforest District]

Mr. Big: [voiceover] You wanna find Otterton, talk to the driver of the car. His name is Manchas. Lives in the Rainforest District. Only he can tell you more.

[Judy and Nick reach Manchas's house. Judy moves some vines covering the doorbell and rings it]

Judy Hopps: Mr. Manchas? Judy Hopps, ZPD. We just wanna know what happened to Emmitt Otterton. [the door opens slowly revealing Manchas, a big black jaguar. Judy and Nick tensely look at him in suspense.]

Renato Manchas: You should be asking what happened to me! [he shows his right eye is badly scratched and bruised. Judy and Nick gasp in shock.]

Nick Wilde: Whoa. A teensy otter did that?

Judy Hopps: What happened?

Renato Manchas: He was an animal. [A flashback shows Manchas driving the limo when he hears snarling and ripping from the back] Down on all fours. [Manchas from flashback adjusts his rear view mirror and sees Otterton tearing the car seats] He was a savage!

[Otterton jumps up and attacks Manchas with a snarl, making the car spin out of control. Manchas screams in pain and jumps out of the car, clutching his eye and watches with a gasp in shock as Otterton climbs out the car and snarls before running off as the flashback ends]

Renato Manchas: There was no warning. He just kept yelling about the Night howlers. Over and over, the Night howlers! [Nick looks at Judy and she shrugs]

Nick Wilde: Oh, so, you know about the Night howlers, too. Good, good, good. Because the Night howlers are exactly what we are here to talk about, right?

Judy Hopps: Yep. So, uh, you just open the door and tell us what you know, and we will tell you what we know. Okay?

Renato Manchas: Okay. [Manchas closes the door and starts to unlock it]

Judy Hopps: [to Nick] Clever fox. [Nick smirks]

[A sound of clattering is heard and Manchas screams]

Judy Hopps: Mr. Manchas? [Judy opens the door and sees Manchas hunched over on the floor, twitching and convulsing horribly]

Nick Wilde: Buddy?

Judy Hopps: Are you... okay? [Manchas stops convulsing and turns to them growling with his teeth bared, and pupils now slits] Run. Run! [as rain starts to fall, Judy and Nick race away from the house with Manchas chasing them like a primal predator]

Nick Wilde: What is wrong with him?!

Judy Hopps: I don't know! [Manchas leaps on the bridge, flinging Judy and Nick in the air, until they reach the end of the bridge] Jump! [Judy and Nick jump as Manchas leaps towards them. They land on a branch, with Nick grunting in pain.] Come on! [Judy and Nick run on the branch with Manchas chasing them. They head into a log and crawl through with Manchas tearing it to get at them] Head down! [talks on her radio] Officer Hopps to Dispatch! [at the ZPD, Clawhauser shows his phone to the wolf prisoner, as his microphone is beeping]

Benjamin Clawhauser: Are you familiar with Gazelle? Greatest singer of our lifetime? Angel with horns? Okay, hold on. Keep watching. Who's that beside her? Who is it?

Gazelle App: Wow, you are one hot dancer, Benjamin Clawhauser.

Benjamin Clawhauser: [laughs] It's me! [The wolf prisoner shoots a quick glance at the officer escorting him] Did you think it was real? It looks so real! [Slightly disappointed] It's not, it's just a new app. [sees his microphone beeping] Hold on a second. [Clawhauser answers his microphone and gets startled by Judy's yelling. He juggles the microphone for a moment.]

Judy Hopps: CLAWHAUSER! Clawhauser, listen to me, we have a 10-91! Jaguar gone savage! Vine and Tudjunja!

Nick Wilde: It's Tujunga! [Nick grabs Judy's paw and pulls her. Judy slips and the radio falls out of her hands]

Benjamin Clawhauser: Okay, we're sending backup. Hopps! Hopps!

[Judy and Nick run through leaves to a sky tram station]

Judy Hopps: There! Head to the sky-trams!

[Nick runs ahead. Manchas was close to Judy. Judy jumps to a lamp post and spins on it to escape, but the slippery floor makes her slip over the edge and she grabs on. Nick gets to the gondola lift and opens the door]

Nick Wilde: Get in! Carrots? Carrots!

Judy Hopps: Go! [Manchas moves towards him and the gondola leaves]

Nick Wilde: No, no, no, no! [sees Manchas coming towards him] Buddy, one predator to another... [Manchas leaps towards Nick, but is stopped a few feet away from him. Judy has handcuffed his leg to a post.] Now I can tell you're a little tense, so I'm just gonna give you a little personal space! [Manchas snarls and lunges at Nick, knocking him backwards into Judy. They fall off the ledge, Judy grabs a vine and grabs Nick's paw and they swing back and forth under the bridge.] Rabbit, whatever you do, do not let go!

Judy Hopps: [seeing a vine cluster nearby] I'm gonna let go!

Nick Wilde: No! You what?!

Judy Hopps: One... Two...

Nick Wilde: I said do not- Rabbit! [Judy lets go and they're sent flying off and land on vines. They see Manchas snarling and growling over the sky tram entrance. Nick glances at Judy in amazement] Carrots, you saved my life!

Judy Hopps: Well, that's what we do here at the ZPD-

[The vines break under them and Judy and Nick land on leaves. They both get tangled up in vines a few feet off the ground. Police sirens are heard and police cars drive up to them. Chief Bogo steps up to them.]

Chief Bogo: Well, this should be good.

Scene 23: Nick's Childhood

[Judy leads the ZPD to the sky tram]

Judy Hopps: I thought this was just a missing mammal case, but it's way bigger. Mr. Otterton did not just disappear. I believe he, and this jaguar, they... they went savage, sir.

Chief Bogo: Savage? This isn't the stone age, Hopps. Animals don't "go savage".

Judy Hopps: I thought so too... 'Till I saw this. [Judy moves the leaves to show Manchas, but he's no longer there] What? He was right here!

Chief Bogo: The savage jaguar?

Judy Hopps: Sir, I know what I saw. He almost killed us!

Chief Bogo: Or maybe any aggressive predator looks "savage" to you rabbits. [to the ZPD] Let's go! [starts to leave; Judy tries to stop him]

Judy Hopps: No. Wait! Sir, I'm not the only one who saw him. [looks at Nick, who is between the officers] Nick!

Chief Bogo: [scoffs] You think I'm gonna believe a fox?

Judy Hopps: Well, he was a key witness, and I-

Chief Bogo: Two days to find the otter, or you quit. That was the deal. [holds out his hoof] Badge. [Nick looks at Judy and Chief Bogo, shocked]

Judy Hopps: But sir, we had--

Chief Bogo: BADGE!

[Judy reluctantly starts to unclip her badge, until Nick speaks.]

Nick Wilde: Uh, no.

Chief Bogo: [looking at him incredulously] What did you say, fox?

Nick Wilde: Sorry, what I said was, "No!" She will not be giving you that badge. [Chief Bogo grunts irritably] Look, you gave her a... a clown vest, a three-wheeled joke-mobile, and two days to solve a case you guys haven't cracked in two weeks? [Chief Bogo looks slightly ashamed] Yeah, it's no wonder she needed to get help from a fox. None of you guys were gonna help her, were you? [Chief Bogo tries to speak but Nick cuts him off] Here's the thing, chief. You gave her the 48 hours, so technically we still have... [counts and holds out his paws] ten left to find our Mr. Otterton, and that is exactly what we're gonna do. So, if you'll excuse us, we have a very big lead to follow, and a case to crack. Good day.

[After another gondola pulls up, Nick walks to the sky tram. Judy tries to say something to Chief Bogo, but stops herself and follows Nick. Chief Bogo watches them in silence. Nick opens the door for Judy.]

Nick Wilde: Officer Hopps.

[Judy and Nick enter the gondola and it departs. Chief Bogo and the ZPD watch them and leave. Judy seems amazed for what Nick had done for her. She looks at Nick.]

Judy Hopps: Thank you.

Nick Wilde: Never let 'em see that they get to you.

Judy Hopps: So... things do get to you?

Nick Wilde: Oh, I mean, not anymore, but I was small and emotionally unbalanced like you once.

Judy Hopps: [sarcastic, rolls her eyes and looks away] Har-har.

Nick Wilde: No, it's true. [Judy looks at him] I think I was eight or maybe nine, and all I wanted to do was join the Junior Ranger Scouts. [A flashback shows a young Nick in front of a mirror being fitted in a scout's uniform by his mother. Young Nick stands straight, trying to look fierce. She tickles him from behind, causing him to flinch and giggle] So, my mom scraped together enough money to buy me a brand new uniform, because by God I was gonna fit in, even if I was the only predator in the troop, the only fox. [Young Nick enters the Junior Ranger Scouts where he is greeted by the scouts; a zebra, a hippo, a goat, a woodchuck, and an antelope]

Woodchuck bully: Okay, Nick.

Nick Wilde: I was gonna be part of a pack.

Woodchuck bully: Ready for initiation?

Young Nick Wilde: Yeah! Pretty much born ready. [he comes down the stairs with a confident smile]

Nick Wilde: I was so proud.

[Young Nick slaps palms with the zebra. The Woodchuck bully snaps his fingers. The lights go off and the Woodchuck bully shines a flashlight on Young Nick's face. Young Nick briefly winces at the bright light.]

Woodchuck bully: Okay. Now raise your right paw and deliver the oath.

Young Nick Wilde: [raises his paw with two fingers up] I, Nicholas Wilde, promise to be brave, loyal, helpful, and trustworthy!

Woodchuck bully: [his smile suddenly fades] Even though you're a fox?

Young Nick Wilde: [confused] What? [The Woodchuck bully turns off the flashlight. Then Young Nick gets roughly pushed to the floor and is held down by two of the Ranger Scouts. All of them glare at him.] No, no! What did I do wrong, you guys?! No, please! Tell me! What did I do wrong?! [Woodchuck bully straps a muzzle on Young Nick] What did I do?! [shakes his head] No!

Woodchuck bully: [chuckles darkly] If you thought we would ever trust a fox without a muzzle, you're even dumber than you look. [Young Nick runs out of the building and goes to the side, terrified. The others laugh cruelly.]

Junior Ranger Scout 2: [from inside] Crybaby!

Junior Ranger Scout 3: [from inside] Aw, is he gonna cry?

[Young Nick leans against the wall, panting. He struggles with the muzzle before throwing it away with a grunt. He breaks down in tears and begins to sob quietly, sitting down and rubbing his eyes.]

Nick Wilde: [narrating] I learned two things that day. [the flashback ends and we return the present] One: I was never gonna let anyone see that they got to me.

Judy Hopps: And two?

Nick Wilde: If the world's only gonna see a fox as shifty and untrustworthy, there's no point in trying to be anything else.

Judy Hopps: Nick, you are so much more than that. [Judy places her paw on Nick's arm. Nick looks at her and pulls back.]

Nick Wilde: [inhales, trying to change the subject, looking out of the car] Boy, look at that traffic down there. How about we go up to Chuck in traffic central? [puts two fingers up to his ear, imitating a reporter] Chuck, how're things looking on the jam-cams?

Judy Hopps: Nick, I'm glad you told me.

Nick Wilde: [gets an idea] The jam-cams...

Judy Hopps: Seriously, it's okay-

Nick Wilde: No, no, no, shh! There are traffic cameras everywhere, all over the canopy! [Points excitedly to one just above their heads hidden in the fronds of a fake palm tree.] Whatever happened to the jaguar...

Judy Hopps: The traffic cams would have caught it!

Nick Wilde: Bingo!

Judy Hopps: Oh-ho, pretty sneaky, slick! [punches him in the arm]

Nick Wilde: Yes, however, if you didn't have access to the system before, I doubt Chief Buffalo-Butt is gonna let you into it now.

Judy Hopps: No... But I have a friend at City Hall who might!

Scene 24: Assistance from Bellwether

[At City Hall, Bellwether is following Mayor Lionheart, carrying a large pile of folders]

Dawn Bellwether: Uh, sir, if we could just review these very important... Sir! [almost steps on a mouse, who looks at her in annoyance] Oh, I'm so sorry. Sir!

Leodore Lionheart: Okay! I heard you, Bellwether, just take care of it! [slams another folder on top of the pile] Please. And clear my afternoon, I'm going out.

Dawn Bellwether: [follows Mayor Lionheart, trying to keep the folders balanced and gathering the scattering papers] Oh, no, but, sir, you do have a meeting with Herds and Grazing. Sir, if I can just...! [Mayor Lionheart enters his office and lets the doors slam right in Bellwether's face, making her spill everything] Oh, mutton chops. [she picks up the folders until she's approached by Judy and Nick. Judy helps pick up a folder]

Judy Hopps: Assistant Mayor Bellwether, we need your help. [Judy and Nick are in Bellwether's office, where Bellwether types on her computer.] We just need to get into the traffic cam database.

[While they're waiting, Nick touches the top of Bellwether's wool. Then he starts to feel it.]

Nick Wilde: [whispering happily] So fluffy!

Judy Hopps: [sees Nick, in a loud whisper] Hey!

Nick Wilde: Sheep never let me get this close.

Judy Hopps: You can't just touch a sheep's wool!

Nick Wilde: It's like cotton candy!

Judy Hopps: [swats Nick's hand away] Stop it! [catches the wool back in place just before Bellwether turns to her]

Dawn Bellwether: Where to?

Judy Hopps: [inhales] Uh, Rainforest District. Vine and Tujunga. [Judy glares at Nick, who just grins. Bellwether shows camera icons for the map on the computer]

Dawn Bellwether: There! Traffic cams for the whole city. Well, this is so exciting, actually. I mean, well, you know, I never get to do anything this important.

Judy Hopps: But you're the assistant mayor of Zootopia.

Dawn Bellwether: Oh, I'm more of a glorified secretary. [her ears briefly droop] I think Mayor Lionheart just wanted the sheep vote. But he did give me that nice mug! [She shows a coffee mug with the words "World's Greatest Dad" on it, with Dad crossed out and over it has "Assistant Mayor".]

Judy Hopps: Oh.

Dawn Bellwether: [smiling fondly] Hmm. Feels good to be appreciated.

Leodore Lionheart: [through intercom] Smellwether!

Dawn Bellwether: Ah, that's a fun little name he likes to use. I called him Lionfart once, he did not care for that, let me tell you, it was not a good day for me... [answers it] Yes, sir?

Leodore Lionheart: [through intercom] I thought you were going to cancel my afternoon!

Dawn Bellwether: Oh, dear. [starts to leave] I'd better go. Let me know what you find. It was really nice for me to be-

Leodore Lionheart: [through intercom] While we're young, Smellwether!

Dawn Bellwether: Ooh! [she briefly struggles to open the door before rushing out of there]

Nick Wilde: You think when she goes to sleep, she counts herself?

Judy Hopps: [smiling slightly] Oh, shush. [looks through the cams] Okay, traffic cams... Tujunga, Tujunga... We're in. [They see footage of Manchas chasing them into the log, then Manchas closing in on Nick, then Judy and Nick swinging off the vine. A van appears and two timber wolves get out] Who are these guys?

Nick Wilde: Ugh. Timber wolves. Look at these dum-dums. [The timber wolves approach Manchas and one of them fires a net, trapping the jaguar. Judy gasps. The wolves carry the captive Manchas.] Bet ya a nickel one of them's gonna howl. [the wolves howl] And there it is. I mean, what is it with wolves and the howling? It's a...

Judy Hopps: Howlers! Night howlers! That's what Manchas was afraid of, wolves! The wolves are the Night howlers! If they took Manchas...

Nick Wilde: I bet they took Otterton too!

Judy Hopps: All we gotta do is find out where they went. [Judy switches through the footages of the van driving out of the Rainforest District to Tundratown but it doesn't enter through Tundratown] Wait, where'd they go?

Nick Wilde: [uses the mouse and goes through another footage] You know, if I wanted to avoid surveillance because I was doing something illegal, which I never have, [Judy smiles slightly] I would use the maintenance tunnel 6B, which would put them out... right there. [the van drives out through the tunnel]

Judy Hopps: [impressed] Well look at you, junior detective! You know, I think you'd actually make a pretty good cop.

Nick Wilde: [jokingly disgusted] Ugh. How dare you. [Judy chuckles; Nick follows the van through more footage] Acacia Alley, Ficus Underpass, South Canyon.

Judy Hopps: Mm-hmm, they're heading out of town. Where does that road go?

Scene 25: Cliffside Asylum

[The scene transits to Cliffside Asylum. Judy and Nick peek out from a rock and see the rather creepy looking building with a vine design on the front. They run to a toll booth, avoiding the view of the wolf guards. Nick makes rapid signs with his paws to Judy, confusing her. Nick slips through the other side. The white timber wolf picks up Nick's scent and starts to look back where Nick is clinging in suspension. Judy howls. The guard howls and the other guard goes up to him.]

Larry: Gary, quit it, you're gonna start a howl!

Gary: I didn't start it!

[Judy howls again. Gary howls, followed by Larry, then all of the guards begin to howl]

Judy Hopps: Come on!

[As the wolf guards howl, Judy and Nick run up to the entrance and hide from sight.]

Nick Wilde: You are a clever bunny.

[They look up and see a pipe. They enter a room through the sewer grate. Judy uses her phone light to search. Hospital beds have been pushed up against the wall.]

Judy Hopps: It looks like this was a hospital.

[They see a door. Nick slowly and cautiously approaches the door to open it, slowly extends a paw, then he steps back and pushes Judy forward.]

Nick Wilde: You know, after you. You're the cop. [annoyed, Judy turns off her light, opens the door and looks around. a room with an examination bed and three screens with a CAT scan of a brain is seen through the doorway. Nick peeks out through Judy's ears and looks around] Okay, all clear. [He slowly moves backward, Judy's ears spring back into place. She rolls her eyes, sighing, turns on her phone light again, and looks around the room]

Judy Hopps: All this equipment is brand new. [takes pictures of the equipment]

Nick Wilde: [nervous] Carrots. [points down revealing claw marks on the floor.]

Judy Hopps: Claw marks...

Nick Wilde: Yeah, huge, huge claw marks, I mean what kind of animal...

[A tiger pounces against the glass, startling Nick. Judy and Nick walk through the passage way seeing other predator mammals in cells, all in a savage state. They shine the flashlight up into the top left corner of one cell where two pinpricks of light are visible, and find Manchas in the cell, growling.]

Judy Hopps: Mr. Manchas. [Nick looks at Manchas's file. Judy and Nick walk up to another cell and see Otterton inside. His glasses are broken, his sweater is gone and Otterton runs under the bed snarling] It's him! We found our otter. [to Mr. Otterton, reassuringly] Mr. Otterton, my name is Officer Judy Hopps. Your wife sent me to find you. We're gonna get you out of here--

[Mr. Otterton starts to come forward, sniffing and eyes black, before he pounces against the glass, making them jump back in surprise.]

Nick Wilde: Or not! Guess he's in no rush to get home to the missus.

Judy Hopps: Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen... Not including Manchas, it's... It's fourteen. Chief Bogo handed out fourteen missing mammal files... They're all here! All the missing mammals are right here!

[They hear a mechanical door opening. As the door opens, Judy and Nick run and hide in an empty cell. Then, they hear a familiar voice.]

Leodore Lionheart: [vexed] Enough! I don't want excuses, Doctor, I want answers. [Mayor Lionheart and Dr. Madge Honey Badger enter the room]

Dr. Madge Honey Badger: Mayor Lionheart, please. We're doing everything we can.

[Judy uses her phone to record their conversation]

Leodore Lionheart: Really? 'Cause I've got a dozen and a half animals here who've gone off the rails crazy, and you can't tell me why! Now I'd call that awfully far from "doing everything"!

Dr. Madge Honey Badger: Sir, it may be time to consider their biology. [Judy gives a confused look and Nick gives a suspicious look]

Leodore Lionheart: [in angered confusion] What? What do you mean "biology"?

Dr. Madge Honey Badger: The only animals going savage are predators. We cannot keep it a secret; we need to come forward!

Leodore Lionheart: [mock thinking, putting a finger to his lips] Hmm, great idea. Tell the public. And how do you think they're gonna feel about their mayor... [gestures to himself before yelling right in Dr. Badger's face] WHO IS A LION?! I'll be ruined! [Judy and Nick look at each other in worry]

Dr. Madge Honey Badger: Well, what does Chief Bogo say?

Leodore Lionheart: Chief Bogo doesn't know. And we are going to keep it that way.

[Judy's phone rings. Her parents are calling her. She tries to turn it off, but the ringtone echoes.]

Judy Hopps: [hushed] No, no, no!

Leodore Lionheart: Someone's here!

Dr. Madge Honey Badger: Sir, you need to go. Now! Security, sweep the area!

[Mayor Lionheart and Dr. Madge leave the room as the alarm sounds. The door of the cell Judy and Nick are in closes. They try to open the door until they see wolves coming to the door.]

Nick Wilde: Great! We're dead! We're dead, that's it. I'm dead, you're dead, everybody's dead! [leans against a toilet without realizing]

Judy Hopps: [gets a sudden idea] Can you swim? [She puts her phone in a plastic bag]

Nick Wilde: What? Can I swim? Yes, I can swim. Why?

[Three wolves enter the room carrying taser guns with laser sights, but one notices the toilet post-flush and cocks his head to the side with confusion. Judy and Nick slide down the pipe and fall out, going down the waterfall, Judy in a diving position, Nick twisting and turning in weird positions while screaming, before falling into the water below. Nick emerges and looks for Judy.]

Nick Wilde: Carrots? Hopps? [worriedly] Judy?! [Judy emerges, holding her phone in the bag]

Judy Hopps: [panting] We gotta tell Bogo!

Scene 26: Dancing with Gazelle

[In his office, Chief Bogo looks at the Gazelle dancing app and sees his face on a tiger dancer.]

Gazelle App: Wow, you are one hot dancer, Chief Bogo. [Chief Bogo grins, then he quickly puts his phone away as Clawhauser enters his office]

Benjamin Clawhauser: Chief Bogo!

Chief Bogo: Not now!

Benjamin Clawhauser: Wait, is that Gazelle?

Chief Bogo: [tries to cover his phone with his hooves] No!

Gazelle App: I'm Gazelle, and you are one hot dancer.

Benjamin Clawhauser: You have the app too? [he's so overjoyed that he puts his fists up to his own face in excitement] Aww, Chieeeeeef!

Chief Bogo: [embarassed] Clawhauser! Can't you see I'm working on the missing mammal cases?!

Benjamin Clawhauser: Oh, oh, oh, yes, of course, about that, sir... Officer Hopps just called - she found all of them! [Chief Bogo shows a stunned look]

Gazelle App: Wow, I'm impressed!

Scene 27: The Arrest

[The ZPD swarm the Asylum. Chief Bogo exits bringing Mayor Lionheart in handcuffs with Judy walking beside them.]

Judy Hopps: Mayor Lionheart, you have the right to remain silent. Anything-

Leodore Lionheart: [interrupting] You don't understand! I was trying to protect the city!

Judy Hopps: You were just trying to protect your job.

Leodore Lionheart: No! Listen, we still don't know why this is happening. It could destroy Zootopia!

Judy Hopps: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you...

[The other officers bring in Dr. Madge in handcuffs. Other officers look suspiciously at Nick who is wearing shades, holding a Snarlbucks cup. He shows them his police badge sticker and walks off, taking a sip of his drink.]

Scene 28: Judy's Interview

[The scene changes back to the ZPD where reporters are gathered for an interview. Chief Bogo is at a podium giving a speech.]

Chief Bogo: Ladies and gentle-mammals, fourteen mammals went missing, and all fourteen have been found by our newest recruit, who will speak to you in a moment.

Judy Hopps: Ohh, I'm so nervous.

Nick Wilde: Okay. Press conference 101. You wanna look smart, answer their question with your own question and then answer that question. Like this: [pretends to have a news reporter voice while pretending to hold a microphone] "Excuse me, Officer Hopps, uh, what can you tell us about the case?" [in a flutey impression of Judy's voice] "Well, was this a tough case? Yes, yes, it was." [normal voice] You see?

Judy Hopps: You should be up there with me. We did this together.

Nick Wilde: Well, am I a cop? No. No, I am not.

Judy Hopps: Hm. Funny you should say that. Because, well, I've been thinking... it would be nice to have a partner. [Judy gives Nick a ZPD application] Here, in case you need something to write with. [Judy gives Nick her carrot pen. Touched, Nick takes the pen and smiles.]

Dawn Bellwether: Officer Hopps! It's time. [Judy looks at Nick, crossing her fingers and walks up to the podium.]

Chief Bogo: They appear to be in good health, physically, if not emotionally. So now, I'll turn things over to the officer who cracked the case, Officer Judy Hopps.

[Judy walks up to the podium and reporters talk all at once, trying to get Judy's answers.]

Judy Hopps: [points to a beaver] Uh, yes?

Action Gnus 5 beaver: What can you tell us about the animals going savage?

Judy Hopps: Well, the... the animals in question... [looks at Nick, who encourages her to say something] Are they all different species? Yes, yes they are. [the reporters take note, Nick approves]

Female offscreen reporter 1: Okay, so what is the connection?

Judy Hopps: Oh, all we know is that they are all members of the predator family.

Doug: So, predators are the only ones going savage?

Judy Hopps: That is accu-- Yes, that is accurate, yes.

Pig reporter: Why? Why is this happening?

Judy Hopps: We still don't know. But it may have something to do with biology. [After looking euphorically at his complete application, Nick takes notice in confusion]

Male offscreen reporter 1: What do you mean by that?

Judy Hopps: A biological component. You know, something in their DNA.

Oryx reporter: In their DNA, can you elaborate on that, please?

Judy Hopps: Yes. What I mean is, thousands of years ago, uh, predators survived through their... aggressive hunting instincts. [Nick, confused at what Judy is saying, puts the application in his pocket, and looks at the screen behind her] For whatever reason, they seem to be reverting back to their primitive, savage ways.

[Nick sees the savaged predators muzzled, aghast, as his ears pin down. A bear first shows up on the screen, and then comes Manchas, before a wolf appears. They both have looks of animalistic rage on their faces, but not the wolf, who looks terrified. Nick is distraught and trembling. He has a flashback of himself as a kid with a muzzle, revealing his PTSD]

Junior Scout 3: [offscreen] Aw, is he gonna cry?

[Back in the present, Nick's expression of horror turns into one of anger.]

Beaver reporter 2: [offscreen] Officer Hopps, could it happen again?

Judy Hopps: It is possible, so we must be vigilant, and we at the ZPD are prepared and are here to protect you.

[The reporters get frantic and crowd Judy with questions]

Female offscreen reporter 2: Will more mammals go savage?

Male offscreen reporter 3: What is being done to protect us?

Female offscreen reporter 3: Have you considered a mandatory quarantine on predators?

[Chief Bogo and Bellwether look at each other. Bellwether goes up to Judy]

Dawn Bellwether: Okay, thank you, Officer Hopps. Uh, that's all the time we have. No more questions. [Bellwether takes Judy away from the reporters]

Judy Hopps: Was I okay?

Dawn Bellwether: Oh, you did fine! [Judy walks up to Nick]

Judy Hopps: [relieved] Oh, that went so fast. I didn't get a chance to mention you or say anything about how we-

Nick Wilde: [reaching out a paw to stop her, serious] Oh, I think you said plenty.

Judy Hopps: [confused] What do you mean?

Nick Wilde: "Clearly there's a biological component"? "These predators may be... reverting back to their primitive, savage ways"? Are you serious?

Judy Hopps: I just stated the facts of the case. I mean, it's not like a bunny could go savage.

Nick Wilde: [disappointed and upset] Right. But a fox could, huh?

Judy Hopps: Nick, stop it! You're not like them.

Nick Wilde: [even angrier now] Oh, there's a them now?!

Judy Hopps: Ugh. You know what I mean. You're not that kind of predator.

Nick Wilde: The kind that needs to be muzzled?! The kind that makes you think you need to carry around fox repellent?! [motions to the fox repellent accusingly. Judy sighs in shame] Yeah, don't think I didn't notice that little item the first time we met. [he rubs his temples in frustration] So, l-let me ask you a question: Are you afraid of me? [Judy, with slight fear in her eyes and her nose twitching, says nothing, clearly taken aback] Do you think I might go nuts? [he raises his arms in a fake "crazy" way] Do you think I might go "savage"? [Lowers his voice threateningly] Do you think I might try to... [he lunges forward a bit, raising his arms and baring his claws] EAT YOU?! [Judy gasps and steps back, revealing that she has opened the strap, her paw just inches from the repellent. Nick looks at her, hurt and disgusted] I knew it. [scoffs; Judy looks what she is doing with mental horror of what she almost did and sighs.] Just when I thought somebody actually believed in me, huh? [gives Judy back the application and leaves] Probably best if you don't have a predator as a partner.

[Judy looks at the application that is completely filled out, looks up, sees an angry Nick storming off, tearing off his sticker, and throwing it down on the ground. She becomes more horrorstruck]

Judy Hopps: No, Nick! Nick! [She tries to follow him, but is blocked by the reporters]

Beaver reporter 2: Officer Hopps, were you just threatened by that predator?

Judy Hopps: No, he's my friend.

Rabbit reporter: We can't even trust our own friends?!

Judy Hopps: That is not what I said. Please-

Beaver reporter 2: Are we safe?

Rabbit Reporter: Have any other foxes gone savage? [The microphones are shoved closer to her, as questions are buzzed all around her, and Judy is taken by surprise as she loses Nick]

Scene 29: ZNN

[The scenes changes to the Zootopia News Network, ZNN, where Fabienne Growley and Peter Moosebridge gives the news.]

Fabienne Growley: More bad news in this city gripped by fear. [They show a caribou being carried on a gurney into an ambulance while three police officers restrain a muzzled polar bear] A caribou is in critical condition, the victim of a mauling by a savage polar bear. This, the 27th such attack, comes just one week after ZPD officer Judy Hopps connected the violence to traditionally predatory animals.

Peter Moosebridge: Meanwhile, a peace rally organized by pop star Gazelle was marred by protest. [Gazelle is seen in front of a protest peace rally. Judy is seen between Frantic Pig and a female leopard, trying to separate the argument]

Frantic Pig: Go back to the forest, predator!

Female Leopard: [holding up a sign] I'm from the savannah!

Gazelle: [interviewed] Zootopia is a unique place. It's a crazy, beautiful diverse city where we celebrate our differences. [she looks behind herself for a moment and gestures] This is not the Zootopia I know. [Judy is still standing between the Frantic Pig and the leopard woman] The Zootopia I know is better than this. [Judy is on the train and she sees a tiger sitting next to a bunny mother and child, playing on his phone placidly. The mother pulls the child close to her. The tiger's eyebrows narrow slightly. Judy looks on in shame] We don't just blindly assign blame. We don't know why these attacks keep happening, but it is irresponsible to label all predators as savages. [In the asylum, Mrs. Otterton sees her husband in his savage state, tethered to a pole in the middle of the room, snarling and pacing. Judy walks up to her and puts her hand on her shoulder.]

Mrs. Otterton: [sadly] That's not my Emmitt. [Judy somberly looks at her. Mrs. Otterson looks down and closes her eyes.]

Gazelle: [with deep sadness, narrating before the scene switches back to her] We cannot let fear divide us. Please, give me back the Zootopia I love.

Scene 30: Moving to Records

[Judy is in the ZPD with her own desk looking at her computer, typing a "savage mammal report" on Emmitt Otterton. Chief Bogo approaches her and taps the wall.]

Chief Bogo: Come on, Hopps. The new mayor wants to see us.

Judy Hopps: The mayor? Why?

Chief Bogo: It would seem you've arrived.

[Judy follows Chief Bogo, she sees a sad Clawhauser packing his stuff]

Judy Hopps: Clawhauser? What are you doing?

Benjamin Clawhauser: Um... They thought it would be better if a predator, such as myself, wasn't the first face that you see when you walk into the ZPD.

Judy Hopps: [distraught] What?

Benjamin Clawhauser: They're gonna move me to records. It's downstairs. It's by the boiler. [Clawhauser sadly walks off, Judy looks at him, upset and guilty. Chief Bogo calls to her by the door]

Chief Bogo: Hopps!

Scene 31: The Public Face of the ZPD

[the scene changes to the mayor's office where Judy is holding a ZPD poster displaying her smiling face. She puts it down and looks at Bellwether]

Judy Hopps: I don't understand.

Dawn Bellwether: Our city is 90% prey, Judy, and right now, they're just really scared. You're a hero to them. They trust you. And so that's why Chief Bogo and I want you to be the public face of the ZPD. [Judy looks at the cover and gives thought]

Judy Hopps: I'm not... I'm not a hero. I came here to make the world a better place, but I think I broke it.

Chief Bogo: Don't give yourself so much credit, Hopps. The world has always been broken, that's why we need good cops. Like you.

Judy Hopps: With all due respect, sir, a good cop is supposed to serve and protect, help the city, not tear it apart. [Unclips and takes off her badge and puts it on the desk sadly.] I don't deserve this badge.

Chief Bogo: [surprised] Hopps?

Dawn Bellwether: Judy, you've worked so hard to get here. It's what you wanted since you were a kid. You can't quit.

Judy Hopps: Thank you for the opportunity.

[Judy trudges slowly out the room as Chief Bogo and Bellwether sadly watch her go.]

Scene 32: Judy's Epiphany

[The scene blacks out and changes to Bunnyburrow where Judy is now working as a carrot farmer, in a pink flannel and jeans. She rolls up carrots in a newspaper.]

Judy Hopps: [depressed] A dozen carrots. Have a nice day.

Mother rabbit: Thanks. [to her daughter as they walk away] Come on.

[Judy sighs. Bonnie and Stu look at her and come up to her.]

Stu Hopps: Hey there, Jude... Jude the Dude. Remember that one? [Bonnie gives Stu a look.] How're we doing?

Judy Hopps: I'm fine.

Bonnie Hopps: You are not fine, your ears are droopy. [Cut to Bonnie and Stu's point of view. Judy's ears are indeed drooping over.]

Judy Hopps: Why did I think I could make a difference?

Stu Hopps: Because you're a trier, that's why.

Bonnie Hopps: You've always been a trier.

Judy Hopps: Oh, I tried. And I made life so much worse for so many innocent predators.

[A van horn sounds and a van pulls up]

Stu Hopps: Oh! Not all of them, though. Speak of the devil, Right on time. [The van has the words 'Gideon Grey's Real Good Baked Stuff with Fresh Produce from Hopps' Family Farm' and Gideon Grey, grown up, walks out of his van]

Judy Hopps: Is that... Gideon Grey?

Stu Hopps: Yep! Sure it is. We work with him now.

Bonnie Hopps: He's our partner, and we never would have considered it had you not opened our minds.

Stu Hopps: That's right, I mean Gid's turned into one of the top pastry chefs in the Tri-Burrows.

Judy Hopps: [amazed] That's... That's really cool, you guys. [Gideon takes out pastries, but looks up when he hears Judy] Gideon Grey. I'll be darned.

Gideon Grey: Hey, Judy. I'd just like to say, I'm sorry for the way I behaved in my youth. [stammering] I-I-I had a lot of self-doubt and it manifested itself in the form of unchecked rage and aggression. [his ears droop] I was a major jerk.

Judy Hopps: Well, I know a thing or two about being a jerk. [She smiles, Gideon takes out a tray of pies]

Gideon Grey: Anyhow, I-I brought y'all these pies. [Stu sees three shouting bunny children running towards a line of purple flowers]

Stu Hopps: [wagging a finger] Hey, kids! Don't you run through that Midnicampum holicithius!

Bunny child 1: [she puts her arms out to stop her two other siblings] Whoa, whoa, whoa! [The bunny children run elsewhere]

Gideon Grey: [surprised] Well, now there's a four-dollar word, Mr. H, my family always just called them Night howlers.

Judy Hopps: [she looks at Gideon, stunned] I'm sorry, what did you say?

Stu Hopps: Oh, Gid's talking about those flowers, Judy. I use 'em to keep the bugs off the produce, but I don't like the little ones going near 'em on account of what happened to your Uncle Terry.

Bonnie Hopps: Yeah, Terry ate one whole when we were kids and went completely nuts.

Stu Hopps: He bit the dickens out of your mother.

Judy Hopps: [a realization sweeps over her] A bunny can go savage.

Bonnie Hopps: Savage? Well, that's a strong word, but it did hurt like the devil.

Stu Hopps: Well, sure it did. There's a sizable divot in your arm. I'd call that savage!

Judy Hopps: Night howlers aren't wolves, they're flowers. The flowers are making the predators go savage. That's it! That's what I've been missing! [runs up to the family pickup truck] Oh, keys, keys, keys, keys, hurry, come on! [Stu fumbles, tosses the keys to Judy, who grabs them and gets in the truck] Thank you! I love you, bye! [Judy turns on the truck and drives back to Zootopia, leaving her parents and Gideon bewildered.]

Stu Hopps: You catch any of that, Bon?

Bonnie Hopps: Not one bit.

Gideon Grey: [still holding the tray of pies] Well, that makes me feel a little bit better, I thought she was talking in tongues or something.

Scene 33: Judy and Nick Reconcile

[Judy drives up to Zootopia, drives through Sahara Square, looking for Nick until she sees Nick's van. She knocks on the back door and a grumpy Finnick emerges holding a baseball bat.]

Finnick: [furiously] Who is it?! [he sees Judy and his cranky expression softens]

Judy Hopps: [desperately] I need to find Nick. [putting her paws together, desperate] Please. [the scene changes to a bridge, where Judy looks for Nick] Nick? Nick? [She peers over the bridge and sees Nick in shades, lounging on a chair and drinking from a cup. Relieved, Judy walks up to him.] Oh, Nick! Night howlers aren't wolves, they're toxic flowers! I think someone is targeting predators on purpose and making them go savage. [still upset with her, Nick puts down the drink and takes off his shades, not even looking at her]

Nick Wilde: [deadpan] Wow. Isn't that interesting? [gets up and walks under the bridge. Judy, distraught, follows him.]

Judy Hopps: Wait! Uh, wait, listen! I-I know you'll never forgive me, and I don't blame you - I wouldn't forgive me either. [Nick stops walking, but he doesn't look at her] I was ignorant, and irresponsible, and small-minded. But predators shouldn't suffer because of my mistakes. I have to fix this. But I can't do it without you. [Nick still doesn't look at her] And... And after we're done, you can hate me, [tearfully] and... and that'll be fine, because I was a horrible friend, and I hurt you, and you... [crying] and you can walk away, knowing that you were right all along - I really am just a dumb bunny.

[Everything is silent, except for Judy's quiet sobbing. Then a recorded voice is heard]

Judy Hopps' voice: [Through carrot pen] I really am just a dumb bunny. [Judy tearfully looks at Nick. Nick holds up the carrot pen and replays Judy's words] I really am just a dumb bunny. [Nick turns to Judy, smiling at her]

Nick Wilde: Don't worry, Carrots. I'll let you erase it... in 48 hours. [Judy smiles and inhales, cries tears of joy, sniffs, wiping away one] All right, get in here. [Judy walks up to Nick and puts her head on Nick's mid-torso and they hug as she weeps more. He pats her head and pulls her closer] Okay, oh, you bunnies, you're so emotional. There we go, deep breath. Are you- are you just trying to steal the pen? Is that what this is? [Judy, laughing and weeping at the same time, playfully tries to take the pen from Nick; then Nick suddenly becomes serious] You are standing on my tail, though. [winces] Off, off-off-off.

Judy Hopps: [takes a step back] Oh, I'm sorry.

Scene 34: Judy and Nick Question Duke Weaselton

[Later, Judy and Nick are off in the Hopps' Family truck. Nick eats a couple of blueberries]

Nick Wilde: [happily] Ooh, I thought you guys only grew carrots! [eats more blueberries] Mm! [voice slightly muffled from the blueberries] What's your plan?

Judy Hopps: We are gonna follow the Night howlers.

Nick Wilde: [puts more blueberries in a handkerchief] Okay. How?

Judy Hopps: Know this guy? [shows her phone with a picture of the news of Duke Weaselton]

Nick Wilde: [tucking the handkerchief in his pants pocket] Uh-huh. I told you, I know everybody!

[The scene changes to an alley where Duke is selling DVDs]

Duke Weaselton: Ha-ha! Well, hello! Step right up. Anything you need, I got it. [We see Zootopian versions of Disney movies such as Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph, Frozen 2, Big Hero 6, Moana, and Gigantic] All your favorite movies! I've got movies that haven't even been released yet! [to Dharma, who just declined] Hey, 15% off. 20! Make me an offer! Come on! [Judy and Nick approach him]

Nick Wilde: Well, well. Look who it is, the Duke of Bootleg.

Duke Weaselton: What's it to you, Wilde? Shouldn't you be melting down a pawpsicle or something? [recognizes Judy] Hey, if it isn't Flopsy the Copsy.

Judy Hopps: We both know those weren't moldy onions I caught you stealing. What were you gonna do with those Night howlers, Weselton?

Duke Weaselton: It's Weaselton! Duke Weaselton! And I ain't talking, Rabbit. And there ain't nothing you can do to make me. [flicks his toothpick in Judy's face. She and Nick look at each other slyly.]

Scene 35: Duke Spills the Beans

[The scenes changes to Mr. Big in Tundratown.]

Mr. Big: Ice him!

[The polar bears open the trapdoor and hold Duke over the icy pit. He screams and struggles to break free. He looks at Judy, Nick, and Mr. Big. Nick is sipping from a tiny cup.]

Duke Weaselton: You dirty rat! Why are you helping her? She's a cop!

Mr. Big: And the godmother to my future granddaughter. [Fru Fru enters the room; she is revealed to be pregnant.]

Fru Fru: [patting her belly] I'm gonna name her Judy!

Judy Hopps: [touched] Aww!

Mr. Big: [chuckles, smiling at his daughter, then turns to the polar bears] Ice this weasel.

Duke Weaselton: Ahh! All right, all right, please! I'll talk! I'll talk! I stole them Night howlers so I could sell 'em. They offered me what I couldn't refuse - money.

Judy Hopps: And to whom did you sell them?

Duke Weaselton: A ram named Doug. We got a drop spot underground. [The scene changes to Judy and Nick walking to an abandoned subway station] Just watch it; Doug is the opposite of friendly. He's unfriendly.

Scene 36: The Train Car Chase

[Judy and Nick enter the station and find an old train car.]

Judy Hopps: Come on.

[Judy and Nick went up to the train car, which is Doug's lab and discover it is full of flowers just like the ones from the Hopps' Family Farm.]

Judy Hopps: The weasel wasn't lying.

Nick Wilde: Yeah, it looks like ol' Doug's cornered the market on Night howlers.

[Doug suddenly enters the room, prompting Judy and Nick to hide under a table. After putting on a gas mask, Doug takes a pot full of Night howlers and dumps it all into a vat. He then turns the dial, liquefying the flowers and subsequently guides the liquids through test tubes and a chemistry set, a small machine injects blue serum into a paintball-like pellet. Doug's cell phone rings. Judy and Nick scurry under another table as Doug answers his phone.]

Doug: You got Doug here. What's the mark? Cheetah in Sahara Square, got it. [loads the serum pellet into a dart gun] You serious? Yeah, I know they're fast, I can hit 'em. Listen, I hit a tiny little otter through the open window of a moving car.

[Judy gasps, and sees a photo of Emmitt Otterton on Doug's subway bulletin map. A flashback shows Emmitt Otterton in the limo, and Doug snipes him through the open window with a serum pellet. Emmitt feels his neck with a look of fear before lunging and snarling. Then she looks at a photo of Renato Manchas. Another flashback shows Manchas unlocking the door, first meeting Judy and Nick when he is shot by Doug, who is hiding outside the window, with a serum pellet from behind making him go savage.]

Doug: Yeah, I'll buzz you when it's done. [places the dart gun into a case] Or you'll see it on the news, you know, whichever comes first. [a knock is heard]

Woolter: Hey, Doug, open up! We've got your latte!

Doug: Alright, Woolter and Jesse are back so I'm leaving now. Out.

[Doug goes over to the car door. Judy suddenly crawls out of her hiding place]

Nick Wilde: [whispered] Where are you going? Where are you going? Get back here! What are you doing, he's gonna see you! [Judy takes a glance at the train's front controls where a red light is blinking rhythmically, with a soft clicking noise. An idea is growing in her mind.] What are you looking at?! Hey! Whatever you're thinking, stop thinking it! Carrots! Carrots!

Doug: [opens the door] Better have the extra foam this time-

[Without warning, Judy kicks Doug out of the car and locks the door.]

Woolter: Hey! Open up!

Nick Wilde: What are you doing?! You just trapped us in here!

Judy Hopps: We need to get this evidence to the ZPD.

Nick Wilde: [grabs the case containing Doug's dart gun] Okay, great, here it is. Got it.

Judy Hopps: No. All of it!

Nick Wilde: Wait, what? [Judy runs to the front of the train and knocks a few controls on, trying to get the old train to move. The controls die and Judy bangs it, starting it up again] Great, you're a conductor now, huh? Hey, listen, it would take a miracle to get this rust bucket going. [With a sudden jerk, the train begins to move; Nick seems stumped.] Well, hallelujah!

Jesse: [on the phone] We kinda got a situation at the lab... [notices the train is rolling away] Oh! It just got worse!

[Woolter and Jesse start to run after the train, leaving Doug behind, moping over his latte.]

Nick Wilde: Mission accomplished. Would it be premature for me to do a little victory toot-toot?

Judy Hopps: All right. One toot-toot.

[Nick toots the horn twice, as Woolter and Jesse catch up to the train and start climbing over it.]

Nick Wilde: [happily] Well, I can cross that off the bucket list.

[Judy and Nick's celebration is cut short as they hear a thud from the top of the train. They turn around nervously to see Woolter break into the train. He tries to ram his way to the front, but Nick closes the steel door and locks him out. Woolter tries to open the door. He sees Nick smirking at him and head butts the glass.]

Nick Wilde: I may have to rescind that victory toot-toot. [Another thud from the top of the train, this time straight over their heads.] Maybe that's just hail?

[Jesse breaks his way in through the small front window. Even though he is stuck, he immediately tries to grab Judy. Nick goes up to save Judy.]

Nick Wilde: Back off!

[Nick tries to stop Jesse, but gets pushed away against the door. Jesse attempts to grab Judy's shirt front, but the bunny barely manages to squeeze out of range. Nick feels a bump on the door. Nick sees Woolter has backed all the way to the end of the car, ready to bust the door down for good. Woolter charges at full speed.]

Nick Wilde: Incoming!

[Nick quickly opens the door and Woolter charges straight to the front window, ramming Jesse onto the tracks in front of the train, and getting stuck in the front window himself. In the charge, Judy gets thrown out of the car, but manages to hold on to Woolter's horns.]

Nick Wilde: Carrots!

Judy Hopps: Don't stop, keep going!

Jesse: [running as fast as he can in front of the car] No! No! Please stop!

Judy Hopps: Do not stop this car!

[With no time left, Jesse leaps to the side of the tunnel, away from the oncoming train. He screams in pain as his belly is sheared by the side of the train. Meanwhile, Woolter manages to toss Judy to the top of train, where she narrowly misses being hit by a signal light. The train emerges from the tunnel and Woolter is trying to punch his way to Nick at the controls. As Judy tries to get up, she notices a freight train coming straight towards them, on the same track! She gasps and quickly notices a track junction and a track switch up ahead. She gets an idea. She pokes her head through the opened vent.]

Judy Hopps: [shouting] Speed up, Nick, speed up!

Nick Wilde: There's another train coming!

Judy Hopps: Trust me. Speed up!

[Nick grunts as he moves the throttle forward to increase the train's speed. Woolter notices the oncoming train.]

Woolter: Stop the train!

[Woolter screams as the two trains come closer to colliding.]

Judy Hopps: [to Woolter] Hey! Need some help?

[With one swift move, Judy leaps down and kicks Woolter off the train and onto the track switch. The junction shifts just in time and the subway car makes a sudden turn away from the freight train. However, the high speed of the subway car is making it tip over.]

Nick Wilde: Oh no, oh no, no, no, too fast! Too fast, hold on!

[Judy and Nick hang on as the subway car slides down the track on its side. Sparks fly everywhere, sparking a fire in the lab. The two look ahead and see the train is speeding into the end of the line station, and the wall that they are careening into.]

Nick Wilde: I think this is our stop!

[Judy and Nick leap off the car and onto the abandoned subway platform. They look on shocked as the train slams into the wall in a fiery crash.]

Judy Hopps: [out of breath] Okay, maybe... Maybe some of the evidence survived.

[The train suddenly detonates, sending pieces of debris all over the station. One of which narrowly misses hitting Judy and Nick as it flies onto the platform before exploding itself behind them, making them flinch.]

Judy Hopps: [stunned] Everything is gone. We've lost it all...

Nick Wilde: [equally stunned] Yeah. Oh, except for this. [Nick holds up the case containing Doug's dart gun and laughs triumphantly]

Judy Hopps: [overjoyed] Ooh, Nick! Yes! [In her excitement, Judy gives Nick a somewhat forceful punch to the arm and takes the case.]

Nick Wilde: Ow...

Judy Hopps: Come on! We gotta get to the ZPD. Cut through the Natural History Museum!

Scene 37: The True Villain

[Judy and Nick run out of the subway station, which leads them inside the Natural History Museum, which is closed. The two run through the many exhibits and before long find themselves looking at the exit that will lead them to the ZPD.]

Judy Hopps: Look, there it is! [Then, they are stopped by a voice.]

Dawn Bellwether: Judy! Judy! [They see Bellwether with two Sheep Cops urgently heading their way.]

Judy Hopps: Mayor Bellwether! [The two run to her.] We found out what's happening. Someone's darting predators with a serum. That's what's making them go savage!

Dawn Bellwether: I'm so proud of you, Judy. You did just a super job.

Judy Hopps: Thank you, ma'am! [Judy starts to hand over the gun case over to Bellwether. However, she stops and looks at her in suspicious confusion.] ...How did you know where to find us?

Dawn Bellwether: I'll go ahead and take that case, now. [Bellwether insistently reaches over for the case, but Judy holds onto it tighter. Fear starts to overtake Judy and Nick as they start to slowly walk away from Bellwether.]

Judy Hopps: Uh, you know what, I think Nick and I will just take this to the ZPD.

[They turn around to leave only to find a large, sinister-looking ram blocking their way. He stares at them menacingly and cracks his neck, ready to attack.]

Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde: Run! [Judy and Nick run back into the museum, with Judy holding onto the case for dear life.]

Dawn Bellwether: [angrily] Get them!

[The three rams go after Judy and Nick, who try to lose them through a closed section of the museum where many exhibit pieces are laying on the floor. Judy trips on a tusk display, cutting her leg badly. She falls over, grunting in pain.]

Nick Wilde: Carrots! [Nick goes back to Judy.] I got you. Come here. [Nick quickly carries her over to a nearby wall. Judy sits back wincing over her cut.] Okay, just relax. [He takes out his handkerchief to wrap Judy's leg. He accidentally spills a few blueberries on the floor] Whoops! Blueberry?

Judy Hopps: [in pain] Pass.

[Nick eats the blueberry and tends to her leg. They hear Bellwether's voice suddenly calls out. Her silhouette is shown behind the curtain.]

Dawn Bellwether: Come on out, Judy.

Judy Hopps: [whispers, giving the case to Nick] Take the case. Get it to Bogo.

Nick Wilde: [whispers] I'm not gonna leave you behind; that's not happening.

Judy Hopps: I can't walk!

Nick Wilde: [looking around] Just... We'll think of something.

[The two gasp as Bellwether and her rams enter the restricted area. Bellwether tries to get Judy to surrender.]

Dawn Bellwether: We're on the same team, Judy! Underestimated, underappreciated... Aren't you sick of it? [She motions to the rams to spread out before continuing] Predators - they may be strong and loud, but prey outnumber predators ten-to-one. [Bellwether notices a rabbit-shaped shadow on the wall. She snaps her fingers to one of the rams and points to where she thinks Judy is.] Think of it - 90% of the population united against a common enemy. We'll be unstoppable.

[The ram pounces on the source of the shadow, only to find a rabbit mannequin for an exhibit. A sudden clanging is heard and Bellwether sees Judy and Nick trying to make a break for the exit.

Dawn Bellwether: Over there! [the rams run after the pair]

[Nick carries Judy as they try to make it out as fast as they can, but are slowed by Judy's injury. The big ram quickly catches up to Judy and Nick, and headbutts them into one of the museum's exhibit pits, making them lose their hold on the gun case. The case flies to the floor and Bellwether retrieves it. Judy and Nick, trapped get up. Bellwether chuckles unpleasantly as she goes up to the display looking down at them.]

Dawn Bellwether: Well, you should have just stayed on the carrot farm, huh? It really is too bad, I... I did like you.

Judy Hopps: What are you gonna do? Kill me?

Dawn Bellwether: [chuckles] Oh, no, of course not, ha ha. [She takes out the dart gun with an evil grin.] He is!

[Bellwether fires the dart gun and the serum pellet hits Nick on the neck, leaving a blue stain. He starts to grunt and groan in pain.]

Judy Hopps: No! Oh, Nick!

Dawn Bellwether: [On the phone, in a fake panicked tone of voice] Yes, police?! There's a savage fox in the Natural History Museum! Officer Hopps is down! Please hurry!

Judy Hopps: No, Nick! Don't do this; fight it!

Dawn Bellwether: [chuckles] Oh, but he can't help it, can he? Since preds are just "biologically predisposed" to be savages.

[Nick starts to growl and Judy looks down to see Nick's eye looking straight at her menacingly. Judy backs away in fear and starts to run away. Nick goes down on all fours, bearing his teeth at Judy before he starts chasing her down like a wild fox. Judy tries to slow Nick down by throwing a deer mannequin at him.]

Dawn Bellwether: [laughs evilly] Gosh, think of the headlines! "Hero Cop Killed by Savage Fox!"

[Judy backs up to a wall, gasping in fear as Nick tears the dummy to pieces with his teeth, then stares at her.]

Judy Hopps: So that's it? Prey fears predators and you stay in power?

Dawn Bellwether: Yeah, pretty much.

Judy Hopps: It won't work!

Dawn Bellwether: Fear always works! And I'll dart every predator in Zootopia to keep it that way.

[Judy gasps as Nick slowly closes in snarling, growling, and ready to pounce. She is trapped.]

Judy Hopps: Oh, Nick... no...

Dawn Bellwether: [chuckles, then glares] Bye-bye, Bunny.

[Nick finally closes in on the frightened Judy, and lunges at her, biting her neck. Judy lets out a blood-curdling scream, and Bellwether looks on, pleased at her own work. Then...]

Judy Hopps: [sticks out her tongue] Bleugh! [Nick lets go of Judy's neck and backs away, chuckling at her playful acting. She gestures, imitating blood spurting out, in a similar vein to how she was acting in the play in her childhood.] Blood! Blood! Blood! [flopping back down] And... death.

Nick Wilde: [getting back to his feet] All right, you know, you're milking it. [Bellwether gives a stunned look] Besides, I think we got it. [shouts out as he stands up and Judy and Nick put their arms around each other] I think we got it! We got it up there! Thank you, yackety-yak! You laid it all out beautifully!

Dawn Bellwether: [looks at her dart gun, confused] What?

Nick Wilde: Yeah, oh, are, are you looking for the serum? [He pulls the serum pellet out from his shirt pocket] Well, it's right here.

Judy Hopps: What you've got in the weapon there? Those are blueberries. From my family's farm! [Bellwether opens the chamber of the dart gun and sees the ammo has been replaced with blueberries.]

Nick Wilde: [tastes the blueberry where he's been hit and blows a kiss] Mwah! They are delicious, you should try some.

Dawn Bellwether: [growls furiously, closing the gun] I framed Lionheart, I can frame you too! [adjusts her glasses primly] It's my word against yours.

Judy Hopps: Ooh! Actually...

[Judy pulls out her carrot pen and plays back Bellwether's crazed speech.]

Dawn Bellwether's voice: [Through carrot pen] And I'll dart every predator in Zootopia to keep it that way.

Judy Hopps: ...it's your word against yours.

Dawn Bellwether: [her jaw drops; shocked and dumbfounded] Huh? [Judy and Nick smile triumphantly.]

Judy Hopps: It's called a hustle, sweetheart. Boom.

[Foiled and caught red-hoofed, Bellwether starts to back away and try to make a run for it, but she is surrounded by Chief Bogo and the ZPD, who have heard everything. Police cars can be seen surrounding the entrance outside. Bellwether and her ram henchman raise their arms in defeat and fear. Bellwether sighs and looks down, lowering her arms.]

Scene 38: Judy's Speech

[The scene changes to the ZNN with Fabienne Growley and Peter Moosebridge.]

Fabienne Growley: Former Mayor Dawn Bellwether is behind bars today, guilty of masterminding the savage attacks that have plagued Zootopia of late. [They show Bellwether in an orange jumpsuit, in handcuffs, filled with contempt, as she is escorted through the crowd as photographers take pictures.]

Peter Moosebridge: Her predecessor, Leodore Lionheart, denies any knowledge of her plot, claiming he was just trying to protect the city. [Lionheart is seen in prison being interviewed by a porcupine]

Leodore Lionheart: Did I falsely imprison those animals? Well, yes. Yes, I did. It was a classic "doing the wrong thing for the right reason" kind of a deal.

Fabienne Growley: In related news, doctors say the Night howler antidote is proving effective in rehabilitating the afflicted predators.

[The scenes changes to a hospital where Emmitt is being cured from his savage state. He starts to wake up, lying down in bed. Mrs. Otterton, who is reading, looks at him.]

Mrs. Otterton: Emmitt? Oh, Emmitt! [The Ottertons hug very deeply in relief. Mrs. Otterton turns to Judy, who is back in her police uniform and her leg is healed.] Thank you.

[Judy smiles, happy to serve. The scene shows an overshot of Savanna Central. Zootopia is peaceful again. A voiceover of Judy is heard. Judy is seen walking, looking at everything is back to normal. She sees a giraffe calf and a tiger cub playing with a soccer ball. It comes to her; she does a few tricks and kicks it back to them.]

Judy Hopps: When I was a kid, I thought Zootopia was this perfect place, where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, real life is a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. [She goes to the ZPD and sees Clawhauser, happy and back at his old job. He sets his Gazelle snow globe and his name tag and sees Officers Higgins and Krumpanski giving him two boxes of donuts. He smiles. Judy smiles.] We all have limitations, we all make mistakes, which means - hey, glass half full! - we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. [The scene changes to the graduation ceremony, where Judy graduated, and Judy gives a speech] But we have to try. So no matter what type of animal you are; from the biggest elephant, to our first fox, [We see Nick in full police uniform, holding a beverage, lifts up his shades, and winks at Judy, inspired by her words] I implore you - try. Try to make the world a better place. [Later, Judy opens a box revealing a badge. She places the badge on Nick's uniform. She salutes Nick, who salutes her back.] Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with all of us.

[The police officers cheer and applaud, throwing their hats in the air.]

Scene 39: Return to the Bullpen

[One of the police hats falls onto the camera, transitioning to the bull pen where the police officers bang their fists on the tables as Chief Bogo enters.]

Chief Bogo: All right, all right, enough. Shut it! [the officers sit] We have some new recruits with us this morning, including our first fox. [Nick is seen sitting next to Judy on the same chair she's standing on] Who cares?

Nick Wilde: Ha! You should have your own line of inspirational greeting cards, sir!

Chief Bogo: Shut your mouth, Wilde!

[Judy and the officers snigger]

Chief Bogo: [takes out his glasses and files] Assignments: Officers Grizzoli, Fangmeyer, Delgato - Tundratown SWAT. [they stand and leave] Snarlov, Higgins, Wolfard - undercover. [Snarlov puts on a green cap, Higgins puts on a fake mustache, and Wolfard puts on a sheep costume and they leave.] Hopps, Wilde... parking duty. Dismissed. [Judy and Nick look at the chief, shocked. Then Bogo grins.] Just kidding! [goes back to looking serious] We have reports of a street racer tearing up Savannah Central. Find him. Shut him down.

Scene 40: The Street Racer

[Judy and Nick are seen in a big police car, driving through Savanna Central. Judy is driving and Nick is in the passenger seat holding a pawpsicle.]

Nick Wilde: So, are all rabbits bad drivers, or is it just you?

[Judy looks at him annoyed and playfully slams on the brakes, making Nick lunge forward and groan as the car screeches to a halt.]

Judy Hopps: [deadpan] Oops. Sorry. [Nick gets up with the pawpsicle stuck to his face. He pulls it off his face with a grunt and chuckles.]

Nick Wilde: Sly bunny.

Judy Hopps: [looks back at the road and smirks] Dumb fox!

Nick Wilde: [waves the pawpsicle in her direction, grinning] You know you love me.

Judy Hopps: Do I know that? [looks at Nick and smiles] Yes. Yes, I do.

[The light changes to green and before they can move, a red car with tinted windows zooms past them. They take notice and smile at each other. Nick puts on his shades and turns on the siren. Judy hits the pedal and they chase after the car. They managed to pull over the speeding motorist. The front license plate reads "FST NML Zootopia". Judy and Nick walk up to the car.]

Judy Hopps: Sir, you were going 115 miles per hour, I hope you have a good explanation. [The window rolls down revealing Flash, looking at them nervously. Judy looks at him shocked and Nick removes his shades, surprised and amused.]

Nick Wilde: Flash, Flash, hundred yard dash!

Flash Slothmore: [slowly smiles sheepishly] Niiiick...

Scene 41: Gazelle's Concert

[The scene changes to Savanna Central at night where a concert by Gazelle is performed.]

Gazelle: Good evening, Zootopia! Come on, everybody, put your paws up!

[Gazelle performs "Try Everything" as the tigers dance beside her. As she dances, Clawhauser watches, glowing with excitement. Judy and Nick are watching her perform. Judy shows an excited look and looks at Nick who grins. Animals in the audience use the phones to record the concert. Flash and Priscilla are seen slow dancing. Koslov is seen bobbing his head to the music. On his palm, Mr. Big, sitting in his chair and Fru Fru are dancing together.]

Gazelle: Put your paws in the air, come on! ¡Con las pezuñas arriba, vamos! ¡Eso!

["Try Everything" performed. Yax is seen groove dancing. Chief Bogo and Clawhauser dance next to each other. The scene shows a prison room where the concert is seen on TV. A pig officer is beside the TV watching the inmates, including Bellwether, still filled with contempt. The inmates next to her tap their knees to the beat and she looks at them annoyed.]

Gazelle: ¡Con las pezuñas arriba! Come on! Shake your tails with me, come on! Yeah!

[The final lines of "Try Everything" are performed. Judy dances to the music. She looks at Nick, bumps him with her hip to get him to dance, which he does. Judy and Nick look at each other, smiling. Chief Bogo dances, like he owns the dance floor. In prison, Bellwether notices one of the inmates touching her wool, she angrily swats him away and continues to brood. Clawhauser dances around. Bonnie and Stu are dancing the do-si-do. Yax, laid-back, enjoys himself. A pig lady next to him is disgusted by his smell. He chuckles. In prison, Lionheart reads Fancy Cat Magazine. Mr. and Mrs. Otterton are dancing together. Emmitt twirls his wife and dips her and they smile. Duke is dancing until he sees money from an animal's back pocket. He dances up to him, grabs the money, and quietly dances away. Gazelle continues singing as the tigers dance around her. Gazelle and the tigers do a final pose as the song ends. Everyone in Zootopia applauds as fireworks light up the night sky.]

The End