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...Just two hundred and eleven miles away stands the great city of Zootopia, where our ancestors first joined together in peace and declared that anyone can be anything!
―Young Judy Hopps

Zootopia is a modern city populated by mammals from all over the world. It is also where mammals first came together in peace. It is the main setting of the film of the same name.


All mammals roam freely in this part of the world. Downtown is Savanna Central for Zootopia, and the Zootopia Police Department in this district. There are many other districts such as the Rainforest District, Tundratown, and Sahara Square, as they have many different types of animals to support. The prey-to-predator population ratio is 9:1, with predators being the minority. It is unknown whether that there are different types of cities that different types of animal species lives there.



We used natural shapes and animal patterns throughout Zootopia, like giraffe spots on a building. If you look closely, you'll see lots of animal faces and teeth, multiple horn and tail shapes.
Matthias Lechner

Savanna Central is inspired by many real life cities, including New York City, Shanghai, Barcelona, and London. It incorporates architectural designs from both cities, the most dominant being Times Square.

Role in the Film

The city of Zootopia is seen the most when Judy Hopps arrives there. Judy, on board the Zootopia Express, marvels at the sights of Sahara Square, Tundratown, and the Rainforest District before entering Zootopia Central Station. There, Judy admires the beautiful and complex structures and buildings in the heart of Savanna Central.


  • Zootopia's currency has a picture of a male deer, a stag, on the front. This is a pun on "buck".
  • About 90% of the population are prey animals. In ecology, this is known as the "Rule of Ten" - for every predator, there must be at least ten prey animals to sustain them.
  • According to Chuckles in Zootopia: Crime Files, there is not an area in Zootopia that caters to swamp mammals.
  • According to Byron Howard, Zootopia was inspired mainly by Barcelona, Shanghai, London, and New York City [1].
  • According to The Official Zootopia Handbook, when in Zootopia, you:
  1. Know that Cliffside Asylum is not the name of a local band.
  2. Pronounce Tujunga like "Tuh-hunga".
  3. Pronounce Zoosten like "Zow-sten".
  4. Avoid parking in areas with bunny meter maids.
  5. Join Gazelle onstage in the Gazelle app.
  6. Celebrity watch at the Palm.
  7. Let the good times roll at Wild Times.
  8. Form a kickline anytime you hear Jerry Vole's "Zootopia, Zootopia".
  9. Always tell the truth to Mr. Big.
  10. Remember the mantra: "In Zootopia, anyone can be anything."


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TundratownRainforest DistrictSahara SquareSavanna CentralZootopia Top View - No Black Bars


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