Arriving, Zootopia Express.
―An announcer at the Bunnyburrow station

The Zootopia Express, also known as the Rabbit Transit[1], is a train in Zootopia.


The Express is a long, monorail-like train with four cars and a cockpit on both ends. It is orange and yellow and shaped somewhat like a cat, due to a pair of ear-like pieces protruding from the "heads" of the train.

There is one observation deck in which one can watch the landscape passing by, where Judy Hopps spends most of her trip. It is equipped to accommodate mammals of all sizes.


Role in the Film

Judy on train

Judy arriving in Zootopia on the train

The Zootopia Express appears after Judy's graduation ceremony.

After saying farewell to her family, Judy boards the train shortly after it pulls in to the station at Bunnyburrow. The doors then close and the train leaves, bound for the city.

The train then arrives at the city of Zootopia, passing through Sahara Square, Tundratown, and the Rainforest District before finally stopping at Zootopia Central Station, where Judy begins her new life in Zootopia.


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  1. See this image

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